PARK HOP AK/EPCOT Feedback - April 2019

Hi all,

I was hoping for some feedback on my current TP before my FP+ reservation window next week. It is going to just be my girlfriend and I, and it will be our first time going to AK and Epcot. We will be staying at the Contemporary Resort.

With taking advantage of EMH at Epcot, I was wondering if the following TP is way too rush to actually enjoy and explore the park a little or maybe even a little too ambitious that come the evening I would rather go back to my Hotel instead of doing the park :zipper_mouth_face:

General Overall plan:

  • AK for ropedrop, Fastpass+ for 9am/10am and 12pm.
  • Park hop around 1:40pm to EPCOT
  • Factor in Travel time about an HR
  • EPCOT 3pm start
  • Explore FW then WS.
  • Illuminations @ Italy Pavilion
  • FEA during EMH
  • End the night @ Character Spot (Meet BAYMAX)

ParkHop 1/2 - AK (Crowd Level 2)

ParkHop 2/2 - Epcot +EMH (Crowd Level 4)

  1. What time should we plan to leave Contemporary for Rope Drop at AK?
  2. After our last AK FP+ at Noon. How would our 4th FP+ for Epcot work?
    Do you get to reserve one Tier 1 and two Tier 2 for the next park? or only one FP+ at a time?
  3. Park Hopping from AK to Epcot, is an hour enough for travel time?
  4. TP default is spending about 10min in each Pavilion, is this possible? Should we skip a few Pavilion to have more time at the others?
  5. EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival will be going on. is the TP for Epcot too rush to enjoy the park for the Festival?

Any feedback or input would be greatly helpful.

1 If AK opens at 9, and you want to ride FOP first I would arrive at 7:30, and order an uber at 7am, pick up some breakfast to eat while you wait, you could push this back by 30 mins.

2 After you’ve tapped in for your 3rd FPP go onto Disney experience and book another FPP, it can be any tier but you can only book one at a time.

3 Yes

4 Keep it flexible, you could spend an hour in China seeing the show and acrobats, and then walk past Germany in 2 minutes with only a quick glance at the trains.

5 Don’t understand the question. The food booths can have long lines, so hitting a few places at 11am is a good idea.

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Thanks @Tate

I am hoping to get a FPP for FOP for 9am. The plan is to do Na’vi River first and then head over to do FOP with my 9am FPP. The thinking is that this should lower my wait time for both rides since I will have a FPP for FOP.

If I do FOP first i’m afraid the line for Na’vi river we be a lot longer afterwards.

In regards to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, just wondering if the TP is trying to accomplish too much for us to actually stop and see the Topiary/Garden Exhibits. We will probably will be passing on most of the food booths.

It will unless you are front of the pack. If riding Navi first then you could push arrival back to 8:15/8:30

Can’t remember where I read it, but someone recently commented on how the queue for coffee at 9:10am was longer than Navi

To account for this in my plans, I set my walking speed to relaxed…where we’re usually set to fast. Also, if you’re planning to enjoy the Garden Rocks Concert part of flower and garden, you have not accounted for that concert in your plan.

Okay cool my TP is currently set as relaxed as well. I hope this works out then.
Setting it any faster I feel like my plan would just go out the window after falling way behind sch.