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When I started planning this trip last fall someone shared I could purchase multi day tickets that are not part of an on property package through certain ticket agents with early park access. I haven’t been able to find an agent that has that benefit.

Can anyone tell me if those tickets can be purchased through what source please?

I don’t know if it was a limited deal but touring plans travel agency offered those tickets last year.

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I believe Park Prodigy offers those tickets

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I don’t think they’re available any longer from any seller.

I did go peek at Park Prodogy to verify. They promote it on the site, but when you try to buy a ticket it’s not an option. I don’t know if they haven’t taken down the offer OR if they don’t do a good enough job verifying EPA is a part of this ticket… :man_shrugging:

IMHO - With IOA being the #2 most visited theme park in the US last year, I don’t see them handing out EPA like they did after the pandemic reopening

@DJM1959 - There is a sale on the Universal site for buy 3 days get 2 free if that helps. There is no expiration date. I have an AP, but bought these same tickets this time last year (Feb 2022) for my wife to come with me in December 2022. They don’t activate until the first day you use them! Then you have 8 days to use the all 5 days of tickets.

On-site stays at Universal can be very affordable, if you plan ahead and aren’t going in peak times. Plus, you get all the perks, like EPA. I just stayed at Universal Endless Summer Dockside 1/30/23 - 2/5/23 for $77 per night!


Thanks, hubbie and are usually go to Halloween horror nights in September. But this time there’s 12 of us with the grandkids so we have to go in the summer so we’re just staying in a condo with a pool over in Kissimmee.

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ALL Universal USF/IOA/VB tickets purchased through Touring Plans include early park admission!!!


I’ve used Touring Plans for my Universal trips. I highly recommend! They even sent me a gift bag before my trip with a lanyard and other goodies!

My TA is named Lauren! She’ll take care of you!


Thanks! I keep losing the TP travel agent link.

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Here is a link to the page

I will give a shout out to Michelle McKnight (rope drop queen).

I have worked with her for years. She booked my first RCL cruise when she worked at MEI.

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