Park Day Advice

We will be enjoying WDW and UO end of January. We will have monday 25th-saturday 30th for enjoying parks. We are thinking 3 disney days, mk,ak and Epcot. Then 2 days at UO/IOA. And a free day in between. I know saturdays are the busiest days and wondering which park we should plan for on Saturday out of all the parks listed ? Any thoughts or advice?

I am no expert but have been feverishly planning our December trip, and from what I have learned, DHS seems to be a good weekend choice bc it’s packed every day of the week so it doesn’t really matter lol! On our upcoming trip we do not have a Saturday in the parks so I can’t attest to this but it seems like sound planning advice!

Based on the chatter going on around here, stay away from UOR on weekends. For Disney, AK or HS is best for weekends, MK and EP are the busiest parks on weekends.

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Echoing the rest of the advice and voting for HS. Since it’s booked to capacity most days the difference between a Saturday and a weekday isn’t as dramatic as in the other parks.

Thanks everyone, we are actually not planning on HS on this trip. Just MK, Epcot -festival of the arts, AK and then both UO and IOA. So with a resounding no on Universal on weekends, I’m thinking either Epcot or AK on Saturday. I would lean towards Epcot only as the trend seems to be more booths open on weekends for festivals, but nervous we will be unhappy with waits for rides.