Park Choices for May 10-16

Hi everyone - I need some advice and maybe just some reassurance! Before 180 days out I sorted out which parks to visit on which day. I had some key ADRs I wanted to make as well. I am travelling with a 4 year old and we are coming from the west coast so I am not sure rope drop is going to happen until maybe the end of the week. We go to Disneyland once a year so the MK is not as all out important as it might be to other kids. (This is the first visit for my son to the World). I divided it up so that we are spending at least 2 visits (we have park hoppers) at each park with some rest time and all that stuff. I have CRT on Monday, KttK on Wednesday, PandP on Thursday and HDDR on Saturday. There are a few other ADRs but they can all be moved.

But then! The touring plans updated their crowd calendar and now it looks like I have chosen the WORST day to hit MK - Monday, May 11th. Is Monday traditionally much busier than Tuesday or Wednesday? Is losing sleep over a predicted 5 vs 4 every other day worth it?

Any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated!

Relax! It will be fine! Will you pick FPs in MK that day? With CRT and FPs you will have a great day!

Thanks PT. No one in my family understands the epic planning that is going into this trip!

Yes- MK is the big park for the day so the FPs will be in MK. Going to try for 7D and the ever-coveted Anna and Elsa. My son loves, loves, loves princesses. We have a few other days at MK so I have options for AandE.

I cannot wait to see the new fantasyland! My last trip was 2009 - so much new stuff to see! :wink:


If it changed from a 4 to a 10, I might get edgy. But you’ll be fine. You have ADRs, a plan and you’ll get fpp. I wouldn’t lose sleep.

A good plan can counter crowds.

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According to the TP research, having a good plan is 5 times more important than choosing the “right” park for a given day.

One thought about dealing with the time change so that you can take greater advantage of RD. If possible, start gradually adjusting your sleep schedule to “WDW time” a few days before your departure. Better to deal with jet lag (and cranky children) then than when you are at WDW!


Just an FYI, which I’m sure you already know. KTTK has a minimum age of 16. I saw you are traveling with a 4 year old and didn’t want you to be surprised.

I agree with @brklinck, a good plan is way more important than the crowd level. We almost always seem to be at the most crowded park due to EMH, and it all works out fine. Also, as a west coaster myself, the easiest way for us to get on Eastern time and stay that way is to get up reasonably early on day 1. Maybe not early enough to make 8am EMH, but do not allow yourselves to sleep half the day away or you will never adjust (speaking from experience here). We usually arrive to Orlando late- 11:30pm-12:40am, so not in bed until 1:30-2:30am Eastern. We plan on 6 hours of sleep and then get on with our day. Get a good night sleep that next evening, and then we find we are on Eastern time. No issues the rest of the week usually. Good luck!

I really appreciate all the replies - thanks! I am a lot calmer now. :smile:

Now to start planning our which FPs to grab each day and for which park - and then to ask some more questions! . I have no idea how people just ‘show up’ to Disney for their holidays.

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Have you ever met someone who says “We went to Disney once, we hated it. The lines were an hour long and it was too crowded. We only rode 3 rides in 8 hours, we got there at noon and was surprised how crowded it was. We tried to eat at Cindy’s Castle and they wouldn’t let us. We will never go back!”
These are the people who just show up at Disney. :wink:.