Park Bag . . . for adults only

So I did some searching to see what’s been sad in the past, but I shockingly couldn’t find much other than extensive lists for families with a few kids and strollers. For those of you who travel with adults only or with older kids, what do you find helpful to have with you in the parks. I have a small fanny pack (believe it or not very cute - found on etsy) and am trying very hard not to go beyond that…

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I take a small backpack. I’m of the mind that I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. I carry:
Card holder with ID, credit card, medical insurance card and some cash (we stay off site so can’t charge to room/MB)
Cell phone and back up charger
Make-up to freshen up after Splash Mountain, sweating, just wearing off, etc.
Comb and hair spray
Wet wipes and hand sanitizer
Bandaids, moleskin, anti-chub rub stick
My stevia sweetener (can’t have sugar or artificial sweeteners)
Disposable ponchos
Hat and sunglasses
Sun screen

I have a wonderful little backpack I got at eBags, but they don’t carry it anymore. This year I got a new one, made by Travelon - it’s convertible to a shoulder bag, has anti-theft features, and has RFID blocking.

Ponchos, got to bring the poncho with you!

49yo male who wears a fanny pack when at the parks. DD’s 13 & 27 make fun of me but I don’t care. Just like the convenience of having the essentials without having a backpack to worry about. Actually just upgraded to a new one that has a water bottle holder. DD’s wouldn’t walk around Wal Mart with me as I was wearing it to see if I liked it before I purchased it.
Have to minimize what you pack vs. a small backpack. But for this trip it’s just me, DW and DD13.
Leaving in less than 2 weeks so already packed it to see what I can bring.

Here’s my park essentials for a day in the parks…

ponchos x3, zip lock baggies to store phones in when riding wet rides, ID’s, insurance cards, CC, small amount of cash , portable phone charger with cord, mini cooling towels x3 comes in mini plastic case, mini misting fans x3, travel size sunscreen to reapply throughout the day, small trial packs of pepto, dramamine, and Tylenol. Trial size of body glide, a few blister baindaids, mini bottles of hand sanitizer with clips x3, spare AAA batteries x3 for the fans, a 6 pack of small caribiner clips so each family member can clip the fans and cooling towels on their person. ( which creates even more space once those are out of the fanny pack) and the water bottle which we will freeze the night before.
The mini misting fans and mini cooling towels in the plastic case take up the majority of the room. Nobody wants to bring them but everyone wanted to share mine last trip. This trip I’m bringing one for each and when they ask to borrow mine I’ll simply hand them their own, pop a caribiner clip on it and say “here ya go”. " clip it on"
The water bottle has its own neat little holder off to the side so it doesn’t even go in the pack. Pretty good size too. Think it’s 24 oz. It’s one of those sport tip type where you just squeeze. Figure we can fill it up with free Ice water from any QS place once we use up what we brought.
As you can tell our emphasis is on staying cool while in the parks. We are not use to being out all day in the sun being from up north. Up here when it gets too hot we go to the beach and even then it’s usually only for 1/2 days.


I take my phone and charger, camera, small purse, small tube of sun cream, small fan. We don’t carry ponchos, we just carry on in the rain - you soon dry out.

We traveled bagless, staying on site. Cheap rain ponchos (fit in pocket), cell phone (left chargers in hotel room, we’re not on them that much), pocket camera, paper copies of touring plan, mechanical pencil for making notes on that plan, such as additional FPP. My cell phone case has slots for ID, hard tickets, credit cards, cash.


Anti chub rub :joy: What is this and where do I get it??

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Hahaha … I couldn’t think of the name, and I was on my phone so I just typed what came to mind!
It’s Body Glide and it’s great to keep feet from getting blisters too!


Bagless is the way to go if you can

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Absolutely this, I was able to go bagless for a couple of times (usually nights and mornings), and it was extremely freeing not having to have that stuff on my back.

But when I was doing the full days in the parks, in my bag there was

  • a 1-QT Plastic bag that held migraine medicine, 2 granola bars, 1 pack of handwipes, 2 5-hour energies, and my wallet.
  • phone battery/charger (since phone was doubling as video camera and camera, needed the juice)
  • poncho (but only on rain-expected days)
  • washcloth/hand towel (but only on rain-expected days, to dry off my hands quickly so I could use my phone/camera again)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses case

Just added anti chub rub to my vocab. DS thinks I’m mad for giggling at my phone


Haven’t been yet. We are each taking a mini back pack or possibly my handbag. Kids will have poncho, filter drink bottle snack, change of clothes, and an info page with how to contact mum and dad if they get lost- we won’t have a phone number while we’re there, their hotel info and our rough itinerary. One will have his inhaler. DH wants to bring our walkie talkies. I’m not sure we can take them so we might end up using our GPS tags on the kids bags. Also will help when youngest son inevitably leaves his bag somewhere. DH will mainly have drink bottle and camera gear. I’ll have pain killers, blister Bandaid etc. As well as my drink bottle and I’ll also be the keeper of the touring plan.