Park availability

Is there a park availability calendar anywhere,resort,passholder&defaultSegment=tickets

It is weird. Checked the calendar this morning, and for theme park ticket holders, dates are wide open, but for AP guests, there are a bunch of blocked out days. This suggests they are reserving so many DPPs for theme park guests that they won’t allow AP holders to get. Seems a bit unfair to AP holders to me.

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That’s interesting.
Since for the purpose of buying tickets my DVC rental hasn’t been treated like an existing room reservation, I wonder if I’ll be working off of the Theme Park Ticket Guests calendar (once I buy my tickets).
Just a mild curiosity, I don’t think it’ll make a difference…

There are still lots of guests with resort reservations without tickets for 2020 yet. This gives me hope that they are aware and are keeping some back for them.

Once they are taken care of, maybe they’ll switch some places over to AP holders.

You won’t be considered an off-site guest. You just don’t get to make a “package”. DVC is resort-guest but room-only without the ability to turn the reservation into a package.

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Has anyone noticed, Disney has added more capacity for Resort Guests according to park availability. Previously there had been days in the first week or so that AK and HS were not available.


Yep, just in time for ticket sales tomorrow (for onsite guests it seems).