Park availability

Is there a park availability calendar anywhere,resort,passholder&defaultSegment=tickets

It is weird. Checked the calendar this morning, and for theme park ticket holders, dates are wide open, but for AP guests, there are a bunch of blocked out days. This suggests they are reserving so many DPPs for theme park guests that they won’t allow AP holders to get. Seems a bit unfair to AP holders to me.

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That’s interesting.
Since for the purpose of buying tickets my DVC rental hasn’t been treated like an existing room reservation, I wonder if I’ll be working off of the Theme Park Ticket Guests calendar (once I buy my tickets).
Just a mild curiosity, I don’t think it’ll make a difference…

There are still lots of guests with resort reservations without tickets for 2020 yet. This gives me hope that they are aware and are keeping some back for them.

Once they are taken care of, maybe they’ll switch some places over to AP holders.

You won’t be considered an off-site guest. You just don’t get to make a “package”. DVC is resort-guest but room-only without the ability to turn the reservation into a package.

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Has anyone noticed, Disney has added more capacity for Resort Guests according to park availability. Previously there had been days in the first week or so that AK and HS were not available.


Yep, just in time for ticket sales tomorrow (for onsite guests it seems).

So yesterday, the Park Availability calendar showed numerous days with no availability for this month (September) for park ticket and resort guests. I even remember this coming Saturday showing NO availability for all 4 parks and all types of guests.

But this morning, WAH…LA, the entire month is clear (also October). Every day, every park, resort and ticket guests.

What I’d really like to know is how much % is WDW increasing capacity at a time. And where they currently are at, 50%??? Of course I’m sure this is all hush hush so to not have people complain.

While they might increase availability for resort guests because they have shortened the hours they have limited the availability for AP holders (M-F). AP holders that are local aren’t necessarily going to take time off of work to go to the park, usually locals will go after work but since the parks are closing at normal business hours it would make sense that they could increase other areas while sneakily reducing how many local will be there. I think it’s a manipulation. I don’t think I’ve explained myself really well here. I think the reduced hours will intern reduce the amount of locals that go to the parks during workdays.

Look more teasing of locals

I’m not really following. Weekends totally opened up that were previously full for Park Ticket and Resort Guests. The AP calendar did not change.

I know but when they change the hours it limited the hours after work there by limiting the amount of locals they could go to the parks. In other words I’m not gonna take time off from work to go to the parks and with the hours the way they are I would have to. Because I’m not going to go on the weekends when it’s over crowded. If the hours were longer I would totally go after I got off work M-R.

Any increase in park capacity is negligible and still at around 20-25% from what I’ve heard. Most sudden availability is from either re-jiggling the “pools” of availability or from people cancelling.

They are still holding back most slots for resort guests and release those to the other pools closer to the time. AP holders are managing to book day-of for almost every park, even if it shows as full. My guess is they change a pool to “full” when they have about 95% of slots taken, to avoid the situation where it shows a park as available and then someone tries to book for a group of 6 and finds they can’t.

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Anyone know why 11/23 is so popular for ticket holders and resort guests? HS is full for both categories (AP still has availability). Doesn’t impact my trip- I’m rejiggering my park days for the first week but and noticed the odd yellow square on the calendar. Even with Thanksgiving I would have expected the end of the week to fill up first but that’s still available for everyone…

at first I miss read and thought Sept 23… there was a moonlight magic night there once upon a time LOL. But have NO clue once I read your date correctly LOL

I really wish they’d get to the point where one could ‘check out’ of a park when they leave for the day and attempt to ‘check in’ to another park if there is availability. Not being able to park hop when I am there next week is quite a downer as I typically like to swing by MK on my last day to do some shopping a couple hours before heading to the airport…

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Hi @jjstellema welcome to the Forum! I miss park hopping too! But I was thinking about your lovely tradition and wondering how it would work with such reduced park hours. MK closes at 6 pm right now. I think PH will return eventually.

The park hours make dining a little tricky too as I’m not the biggest fan of bussing over to Disney Springs for dinner. Doing a first time solo trip and splitting Poly/Yacht Club and it seems dining after 7 PM is going to be a bit of a struggle. At least I know what I’m up against going into it so that I have realistic expectations during these crazy times.

I hear ya’ I’m staying away from DS right now cuz it’s a bit crowded but… others have had really good experiences. One thing ppl are doing is making a late TS in a park to allow for them to stroll out leisurely after the park has closed for normal business. The hotels do have TS later though… the Compass & Ale in your resort is open much later and the BW and resorts around there also are open later.