Park at Grand Floridian in AM for dinner reservation

Hi folks - Staying at CSR and we have a post-park closing dinner reservation at Grand Floridian Cafe on the same day we’re visiting MK. Can I park at GF in the morning and walk to MK so that our car is there for when we finish dinner and need to get back to CSR? We have a child in a car seat so I can’t uber and worried about relying on Disney transportation a couple hours after the park is closed. Will the guard let me in to park if I show our dinner ADR?

I can’t speak for the GF, but most resorts have been pretty strict about this, especially the Contemporary, which also has a walkway to MK. I have serious doubts about whether they would let you in or not that early.
Your best bet is to drive to MK and then move your car to GF at dinner. On site guests park for free, so it’s not going to cost you.

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Usually you have to be within 2 hours, sometimes less, of the ADR to gain entry to the parking

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This is a good idea. And technically speaking, you don’t even have to move your car. Just leave it parked at MK and either walk to the parking lot, or take the resort monorail around. (That part I am not sure about…is there a time the resort monorail no longer stops at TTC? I would guess with Poly station closed, it would still stop there.)

I’m not sure about the monorail, and I’m also not sure when the walkway closes, which is why I suggested moving the car.

Monorail runs until an hour after LATEST park closing. So this could be an issue if there is risk of finishing eating more than an hour after EPCOT closes (which I believe is still opened latest).

Your way is probably safest though.

ah thank you - it seems obvious but I hadn’t thought of parking at MK and moving. That seems easy enough to do if we leave enough time to get from MK to TTC. Thanks a bunch

We parked at the Contemporary at 2pm for a 5:30pm Chef Mickey’s in October of 2019. That’s the best anecdote I can provide. But you could probably at least try to park at the GF in the morning and if they say no, you can turn around and go to the TTC.

I would definitely (if you can) send someone to move the car if you do park at the TTC. It will just make life so much easier at the end of dinner.

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They’ve cracked down considerably since Covid and the walkway openings.

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You could enter GF with a morning MO if you’re interested in picking up breakfast/snacks/drinks on the way.

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But word on the street is they are cracking down on that too.

A certain Tik Tok user put a video out there and since then the clamps have been tightening.

Boo on them!