Park admission before hotel check in with linked tickets

We are arriving way ahead of our hotel check in time, I would like to drive straight to a park as we won’t have a room yet any way. However, we have magic bands waiting at the hotel, is there a way to get into the park without picking them up first? Just trying to save some time and get to a park earlier

Related: my kids will want new Magic bands any way, if we buy ones at the park and link them, I assume we will be able access the park with these prior to picking up the ones from our hotel?

Will you have hard tickets to get into the park with? Or can you buy magic bands before you go if not? Any band linked to your account will work but you have to be able to get into the park if you want to buy them there.

I’m assuming you’re arriving sooner than they can be mailed to you

Will you have a car? I would just do online check in and say you are arriving at 6am and stop by the resort and get your magic bands.

Unfortunately I don’t have any physical tickets/bands with me, is there any place selling Magic bands outside the entrance at Epcot? Or can I get cards from ticketing there?

Yes, will arrive by car. I can drive by contemporary but if there is a workaround, I’d rather save time and go straight to Epcot

You can purchase MBs at the airport. Of course if something goes wrong you will have to leave EP and go to the resort and you will be paying for something that is waiting for you at the resort for free.

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You don’t have any from a previous trip? Those would work too. But the airport is your best bet for new ones. I’d honestly just go to the hotel for them.

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I didn’t realize to bring old ones :confused:

We will drive from the south so not going through MCO, I think I will just drive by the hotel (unless I can get cards from park ticketing, I will call to check)

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