Paradise Pier Hotel - Your favorite tips and secrets

Hubby and I are staying at the Paradise Pier for the first time in September. So let’s have your favorite tips, secrets, etc., for PPH!

Try to get on a higher floor. The elevators are terrible, especially in the AM, and if you are on a lower floor you will have to wait forever for one to show up with enough room. I was on the 4th floor and waited 20 min one AM and pretty much forced myself into one. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for a family or someone with a stroller or wheelchair.

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The best way to the parks is to cut through the GC. In the AM, do not be tempted by the direct to DCA gate; the bag check is a HUGE bottleneck and unless you are there VERY early, it will take you forever to get through. Also, Carsland is typically everyone’s first stop at RD; the DCA gate is further from Carsland than the main gate, so even if you get through the gate as the same time as others coming through the main gate, they will beat you there. If you’re going to Soarin’ first, the two gates are about equidistant. But it’s a great “shortcut” for afternoon breaks from DCA.

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I agree, the elevators are tiny. If you’d like to view the fireworks from PPH you can do so from the pool deck. They pump in the music so you won’t miss that part of the show. The view isn’t the best, but it does offer a different perspective if you’re sick from viewing it from within the park. People start waiting for a spot about 20 minutes before show time so be sure to head down a bit early.

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There is one glass elevator off to the left of the regular bank of elevators- we had great luck with that one because a lot of people didn’t seem to realize it was there tucked into the alcove. Always push the call button for both! :smile:

The ‘theme park’ view rooms offer a really good view of WoC (it is from the back, but I think it still looks awesome considering you are in a comfy hotel room) and there is a TV channel that has the music so you can listen as you watch.

The upgrade to club level is much less money than at the GC and apparently it is exactly the same food! We loved the snacks, coffee, breakfast and the wine- they will give you a nice big glass in a to-go cup which is great for watching WoC. :wink:

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We did book Concierge TPV … plus we are going in Sept and the parks close pretty early so we hope to take advantage of breakfast and nightly snacks.

My husband and I aren’t huge eaters and we found the breakfast to be substantial enough and we made dinner out of the nightly snacks a few times. I was stunned by the array of cheeses they had out (and I love love love cheese!). I think we might have had to ask for yoghurt, or it was tucked under the buffet service area in a fridge; either way, it is there. :slight_smile:

We also had a horrible time with the elevators and we were on a higher floor. Because of this reason and having to cross busy street to get to the parks, I would not stay here again. It is a shame because we had a theme park view and it was fun watching World of Color from our room one night. We did have some luck with the glass elevator, but usually it took a long time to get up to us.

I’m planning on staying at PPH in June 2015. I booked a TPV (but not concierge)
I thought the glass elevator was for concierge only…? Good to know if that is not the case.
I also read that done people suggest riding the elevator up to get back down again.

The elevator is definitely not concierge only. It is easily missed because it is off to the right (when looking at the elevators) in a little alcove.

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