Parades During Mid-Sep

Hey Fam,

Are there day parades during weekdays mid-Sep?
I can only see the Pixar Play Parade at 6pm.

Bless you all!

It looks like Tue-Thur Sept 4-6; Mon-Thur Sept 10-13th and Mon-Tues Sept 16-17th only have one showing of Pixar Play at 6pm. Those are all weekdays before the Halloween parties start so they probably expect low crowds & want to run the parade a little later & can because they won’t have a nighttime Halloween parade to work around. There is still plenty of sun so it’s still “daytime” in the sense that the parade is running while there is full light outside, but that time is a little late.

I prefer seeing the later parade as it gives us time to properly rest during a midday break & come back with enough time to get a good spot. For the 3:30pm parade we are either dragging ourselves to stay way late in the midday or rushing back after a quick 30-45 min nap to get a good spot.

Yeah, I just had a look at the calendar too.
Thanks for the feedback. I saw that sunset is around 7pm, so that should give us some nice light during the parades.

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