Parade vs Town Square Mickey

Question about the magic of Mickey.

We are planning on doing Town Square Mickey right before or right after the parade (depending on how the day is going).

Anyone know if that attraction closes during the parade? TP does not seem to show that it does, but technically Mickey would have to be in two places at once if it remains open…

As would most of the princesses and other characters. Heck, at one point they even had Tiana on the Riverboat during an Upcharge event which specifically boasted of the view of the parade (not that you could have seen much),whilst she was actually in the parade! Not to mention the other parks.

I don’t see any reason for the m&g to close during the parade.

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Que sera - I suppose gone are the days when duplicate characters could not appear in the same park at the same time.

You’re slipping Disney!

Suppose I can’t complain too much since it helps my TP :slight_smile: