Parade Viewing in Frontierland

Selecting fastpasses tomorrow and trying to finalize basic plans. Are there good spots to watch the FOF parade in Frontierland? Where are they? Do they fill up quickly?

I believe that the parade starts there. Is that correct? And if the parade is scheduled for 2:00 is that when it actually starts? Thanks for any help.

If it starts at 2:00 it will start just about exactly from the gate by Splash.

Thanks. Any suggestions on where to watch from?

I like to watch close to the beginning. F you stay close to Country Bears you will be in the shade.

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Shade will definitely be a plus in August.

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How early do you recommend getting there? If we walk out of CBJ at 1:50 would we be ok?

You most likely will not be in front but you should be able to see. If you cross over to the Splash side you may be front but more sun.



I only watch it from FrL; MS is just too crazy. My favorite spot is near the AL/FrL pass through, although anywhere from Splash to HoP is good viewing. How early you have to get there will be a function of CL; on low CL days, 20-30 minutes has been fine.

We like to watch from the river side along the cut through path by the Churro cart. First, you can get a delicious parade-Churro, and second, there is a fence that you can stand along so you can kinda sit/lean. Also, the parade viewing spot is pretty narrow so there isn’t much chance for people to be in front of you and if people need to walk by, they can just go behind you along the path. I rarely line up for things super early, so I doubt I was there more than 10-15 minutes prior to the parade.

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