Parade taping changed?

Ugh… I had specifically planned our trip for AFTER the parade taping days… and now I hear its been moved…
Does anyone know how this might affect the park? We do not want to be involved i the taping. But I do want my sons first impression of Disney to be the MK, was planning on rope drop on Monday the 8th… any input??

We were trying to avoid it too but we have crt, bbb, a&e, and 7dmt! Any experience on parade taping days would be much appreciated!

We were at MK last year on Friday, the first day of taping the parade. If you avoid Main Street, you’ll avoid most of the crowds. It wasn’t bad at all!

Edited to add: We were there at RD, and it was kinda scary because they were letting all the “parade audience” in early… But it was fine. :slight_smile: Neither my DH or I remember them doing the Welcome Show that morning. And they might’ve done it, and we just don’t remember, lol!

Very disappointing since we are going to MVMCP on the 7th and now the tree won’t be up :frowning: