Parade route maps?

Call them silly, but my kids are not interested in seeing parades so we will take advantage of somewhat shorter lines during parade times. That said, I remember when we went a few years ago, we got stopped by the parade route at MK. I’d like to plan around the parades this time. Is there a map of the parade route? Is MK the only park with parades now?

MK is indeed the only parade park. The route for both parades (Festival of Fantasy and Main Street Electrical Parade) is the same. It runs from Frontierland (the backstage entrance just to the left of Splash Mountain), along the Frontierland corridor and into Liberty Square, over the bridge to the hub. 3/4ths of the way around the hub, to Main St. All the way down Main St, and 3/4ths of the way around the central square, and into the backstage area between the Firehouse and the Car barn.

(And after typing all that out, I see that the parade route is in fact on the standard MK map, indicated with red dots:

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great! thanks!