Parade advice!

Okay, so I was thinking about the possibility of watching the parade in MK my next trip (February!).

Reason I say that, is I tend not to do well in the crowds of people in these parades. I’m a short adult, who tends to get stepped on lol. I get quite anxious because of it!

Not sure yet, but I was thinking of maybe doing it. If so, any advice? Is it a good use of a FPP?

Thanks for any ideas, etc! :slight_smile:

Not sure which parade you are talking about, but Frontierland seems to be less crowded. Might be a good option for you instead of Main Street.

I think if crowds give you anxiety it might be an excellent use of FPP. Always seeing reports of the great views and that there is so much more space. You aren’t packed in like sardines getting stepped on.

Agree with Outer, If you DON’T want to use FPP (or can’t get one), then the FrL/LS area is typically less crowded than MS.

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How early should we get to frontier land for parade viewing? weve never watched from that end.

That totally depends on the crowd levels and if you’re referring to the FoF or MSEP parade. I would say that at a minimum you’d want to get a spot 30-45 minutes in advance. As it gets busier you’ll want more like an 60 to 75 minutes ahead.

Yeah that would probably help! It’s a crowd level 4 day. Fof parade at 5pm due to christmas parade taping earlier in the day.

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Oh you’re going on the sixth? That is really kind of up in the air. The flow of the park is really off kilter that day because they close off big sections while they tape the Xmas parade. And it’s not one continuous flow of the parade. You might find other areas empty or mobbed randomly lol. Because of that I would probably expect to show up an hour early as it will be better safe than sorry. if it’s not open try to grab the elevated stair area at the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon. It will give you a little elevation above the crowd if you don’t want to be on the curb.

Thanks! We’re not definite yet but the 3pm parades are right during nap time lol.