Pandora -- soft opening

We’re at AK on May 17th…what’s the consensus on Pandora being in soft open? I note that around that time Touringplans has “upgraded” the park busyness.

DVC and AP previews are scheduled for that day, so I don’t think there’s time for a soft opening.

We plan to be there that day, too. When i recalculated my touring plans for all the regular rides, it didn’t seem to make as big of an impact. Buuuuuut, i am nervous about the updated crowd calculation.

We’re nervous about the crowds, too. It’s my 4-year old’s birthday that day and we’d like to be able to get on some rides and it’s too early for Fastpass selections as we’re not staying onsite.

It’s a shame it sounds like there won’t be any chance to sneak into Pandora.