Pandora opening MAY 27th

Bob Iger confirmed it today.

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You beat me to the announcement :slight_smile:

To add more to the discussion, Star Wars Land has been announced as a 2019 opening, and ROL had a full preview for the Moms Panel tonight. Nothing mentioned about Toy Story Land…


I just saw the SW announcement. We’re already planning on an Aug 2019 trip, so no doubt it won’t open till 2020 at the earliest.


Of course, DD and I leave WDW on May 26th. :cry:

Disney has launched an “Alpha Centauri Expiditions” web page to start the promo for Pandora.

It doesn’t have a lot on it yet, but it is expected to grow over the next few months leading up to the opening. Right now it has basic descriptions of the “expeditions” available, and gives short bios of the “staff” (in the “About Us” tab). Definitely starting to build the “back story”.