Pandora opening day — were you there?

It looks like if I’m doing Toy Story Land during my upcoming trip it has to be on opening day.

Any idea what that might be like? Anyone do Pandora on opening day?

Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel… :hushed:


Yes. First 1000 in. Crazy busy. 20 minute wait for Na’vi. Had scored fp for fop. Waited 20 minutes to get into store and over 45 to get out. This was last day of trip and were leaving for 20 hour drive after fop. So many people lined up it was nearly impossible to get OUT of Park. But I will tell you, best experience ever at Disney. Would not change a thing. Hoping to do the same thing for tsl this trip in may…if all the planets align again.


So any tips? Am I going to have to rope-drop? Or could I show up later in the day?

Come on…your first rope drop. …one of the first to go on the ride…how can you ignore that opportunity lol…you won’t be able to sleep in who are you kidding!


Yeah, you’re probably right!

It looks amazing (I wish i could stop seeing the updated photos now) and you can get the fp at 60 daysout … i think…so you will be all over this. It has to be done. You’require a planner by nature it’s not rocket science…try for fp if not get there 2 hours early. …and report back. You can’t change this plan it will be set in stone…one benefit lol…

The opening hours have changed to 8am to 11pm on the first day.

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6am start right at the start of your holibobs. …perfect you will still be adjusting to US time…rope. drop.will be easy!

@crazychick is correct about 2 hours prior to RD. That’s what I would do. Also forget taking the bus. Take Uber or Lyft instead.

We arrived at 6:00 am and got held at bag check for a long time. Walked in after 1 hour wait and then held at bridge to pandora. Was welcomed by cast members clapping. It was great but we could not move. There was a four hour wait for fop. Because we had fp we walked right on. Tips: get there EARLY and make friends with someone taller than you to help see ahead, get fp if available and Enjoy! Tons of people but all so happy to be there. Understand you won’t be able to walk freely without bumping into 100s of your newest and closest friends. It was a blast.

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DHS opens at 8am on the 30th, the first day of TSL. So getting there two hours early means 6am. Which means leaving my house at 5.30am. So getting up at 5am.

Isn’t that, you know, crazy?

All I want to do are: ToT, RnR, TSMM, Slinky and maybe the other new one. I’ve blocked off the whole day. All I’ve got currently booked is dinner at HBD at 7.45pm. The park closes at 11pm.

I’m assuming I’ll get a FPP for at least one of the four/five rides and maybe two – ToT plus one other. RnR has single rider.

I’m not seeing the advantage of arriving so early.

No advantage in that regard. But being there on opening day and the first people through was amazing! But I also wasn’t planning on being in the park all day.

I see your point. But I know myself. My body clock will be confused enough already without having a crazy early morning in the middle of my stay.

I hope my objectives that day are modest enough that I’ll fit it all in :smile:

Your body clock will be telling you it’s 10am not 5am we are 5 hours in front or Orlando. …think you are in UK? So getting up early will be natural. On our first trip to wdw end of may we are making use of rope drop for the first few days and not doing much after lunch as that’s when the tiredness kicks in when you are from the uk. Later on our 14 day stay we will be staying till evenings when our body has adjusted. It really is a no brainer IMHO lol…what an experience!

Whoops…it’s the middle of your stay…that makes it a little harder…sorry :blush:

If you get FPs for the new rides, no need to arrive 2 hours early. If you don’t, then without getting there that early you could find yourself looking at a 4 hour wait just for one of them.

As I’ve said on the other thread (Toy Story Land) I suspect that the two new rides won’t actually be that exciting for me. My priority is to ride TSMM again because that was the surprise hit of my trip last year — it was unexpectedly so much fun — and to walk around TSL and enjoy the theming.

Did you have to queue last year just to enter Pandora? I know I’m saying this now but I suspect I could live without going on the rides. I’ll definitely shoot for an FPP for TSMM and I have a second day when I could visit TSL so I’ll see if I can get an FPP for Slinky.

I think you did have to queue to get in, but I could be misremembering, I wasn’t there so no personal experience. In all honesty, the rides don’t look that great to me. There are bound to be some sort of previews/soft openings so if you hit FPs and it turns out the rides are crap, you’d be able to drop them beforehand.

The issue / first world problem for me is really about time-allocation. There’s not a whole lot in DHS that interests me: ToT, RnR, TSMM and HBD. Oh, and TSL. I nearly forgot. I’m not sure I want to spend hours waiting just to walk round. But I do want to have a look for sure. It’s open 8am-11pm on the first day. Will it be quieter later in the day? Maybe during Fantastic and the Star Wars Fireworks?

I’ll have to play it by ear, but I may end up going to Epcot at some point during the day, or even MK.

If I do get an FPP, I’ll take it. 7DMT wasn’t great, but that didn’t stop me riding it a second time because the line was short during MNSSHP.

I’m a marketer’s dream. I’m very easily influenced and suffer greatly from Fear of Missing Out.


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