Pandora messing up week?

We decided to go to WDW May 30th-June 4th before we knew that Pandora was opening. We are excited but now this is throwing off all of my planning. We have 5 days to tour parks (5th visit to WDW). I had allotted for two days at Magic Kingdom but now think we will need 2 for AK due to Pandora. Does anyone think that Pandora is going to make the other parks less crowded? Do you think AK is going to be a literal zoo? I have always used this website to pick my days but now I am second guessing everything. Thoughts?

Have you seen this blog post? I don’t know if you are traveling with young children or not, but if not, maybe the nightly extra magic hours at AK would help you out?

Thanks. Yes. I read it. I think it’s awesome but no way my family would make it to 11:00pm. I booked FP for two of my 5 days at AK. I really don’t want to go to AK twice just for Pandora but I don’t want to miss something. I also think the 8 out of 10 for park crowds will end up being 10 out of 10 since this is such a huge and long awaited opening. (Will have to watch movie again)

Going in June. Did you have trouble getting FP’s for Pandora?

No trouble. Easy

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