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We are scheduled for Nov 14 to 17. Although this is supposed to be a lighter week and we are booked at a FW cabin, I was unable to get the dining reservations I had hoped for. How difficult is it getting FP for the Pandora rides? Have you been able to book either 60 days out? I am seeing 4 hour waits for the Flight one.

We are going in Early August and I was able to get FPPs for Banshee ride on each day I wanted it - all times available. Booked at 60 days out

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We are going for 3 weeks in August and also managed to get both Pandora rides at 60 day window but have been back on MDE today and no fast passes left for Flight of Passage on the 2 days we have booked for so I think the way to go would be act quickly when you 60 window opens up

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Thank you

Well this is depressing for those of us visiting in August who aren’t staying at a Disney resort :weary:

Unfortunately trying to get a FP for FOP at 30 days will be very difficult. If you check at 30 days now it is the one attraction in AK that never had availability left. That being said, someone could always drop theirs so keep checking once your window opens. Good luck!

Our AK day is our first day, so at basically exactly 60 days out i was able to get either (you can only get one, i chose FoP). As I noted elsewhere, there were more FoP options available maybe 10 hours after the booking window opened, I was able to modify my original FPs to a better time. We’re going mid-july, higher crowds. I suspect you’ll be fine to get one.

If I remember correctly, you’re touring solo too. That will be very in your favor. You only need one to show up :slight_smile:

Alas not! There’s two of us. Perhaps I should ditch my friend!

Does FOP have a single rider line? Do you miss out on a well-themed queue?

We’re not opposed to single rider lines.

has anyone RD FoP? How backed up is it in the early AM?

Hmmmmm. It does have a single rider line as part of the cue configuration, but I don’t think it has been used yet. I think I even saw a post or video that said they covered the single rider line sign.

Keep a look out for rolling FPs. That may be your success - if you two can find passes that overlap by even just a small window, you’ll be set! That or an early arrival for RD. I have seen some people on lines chat talk about suuessfully using RD to get a ride in.

It might help to search for individual overlapping FP times. You might find one at 11:10-12:10 and another one at 12:00-1:00. That works! You just check in together during the overlap

I’ve bought both tickets. They’re both in my MDE.

Can’t I book simultaneous FPP?

From what I’ve read here and elsewhere RD is the best option. Be there and move fast. LOL

Oh yes! You absolutely can! I just mean that if you search for 2 and none are available, try searching for one person at a time. Sometimes you can find hard-to-get ones that way.


Oh! That’s a great tip! Thanks!

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Yes! This didn’t quite make sense to me until I did it just yesterday at MK. I booked a 7:40-8:40 FP for town square Mickey and an 8:10-9:10 FP for my husband. Couldn’t get two at the same time, but we had overlapping access from 8:10-8:40.

If you see people say “rolling fastpasses” that’s what they are chatting about. Very helpful! And not to crazy to manage with just two people. Don’t know how those people with families of 4+ keep them straight!

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I’m a maths teacher. I was hoping for a break from complex mathematics.

I’ve never had to construct a spreadsheet for a holiday before!


OK so a big UGH !!! I got a FP for FoP on our 4th day. Nothing was available for first two days.

Can anyone speak to times becoming available after the 60 day window passes? right now its saying unavailable. hoping to hope on MDE and see a time released for our first night but at the moment feeling kinda irritated… ! :frowning:

Well, we’re not yet to even 30 days after opening, so that really remains to be seen.

However, based on my experience last year with FEA (which opened on June 21) I would say probably not because we were never able to get a single additional FPP after we invited the kids’ nanny (starting at 34 days out), BUT I would guess that lines will likely be shorter than they are now. The FEA lines were averaging over 3 hours when I booked on July 2 last year, but by the time we actually went (September 1, CL 3) the line was less than an hour at around 6:30pm. Caveat: it was a low CL to start with, and then the crowds were even a little thinner because that was the evening the hurricane was expected, and there were tornado warnings… that said, I would still expect the waits to be lower once this initial frenzy has had time to settle down.