Pandora Fastpasses

I am able to sign up for fast passes in a couple weeks and will be in Disney 2 days after Pandora opens. I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone that has access before me has any insight on Animal Kingdom fastpasses for Pandora. Any advice on which things to fast pass in Animal Kingdom would be awesome since there is so much change!

I’m wondering to see if they will implement a tier system in Animal Kingdom, once Pandora is open.

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If it is like other new rides they have not offered fast pass for the first week or so.

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I hang out in a number of different forums, some with known “insiders” who “leak” info, and across the boards it’s mostly rumors, conjecture, and questions vice facts and answers. The only known “fact” is that the 2 Pandora rides will both have FPPs, but no one knows when they will be available. There is a “conjectural consensus” that AK will probably go to a tiered FPP system, but not much agreement on which attractions will be tier 1 or 2 - except that Flight of Passage will be Tier 1. Some think both Pandora rides will be tier 1, others think Na’vi River Journey may be tier 2, to allow a single day visitor a chance to FPP both. Most agree that both rides will have triple-digit SB lines for at least the first few months. There is a 44" height restriction on FoP, which will keep some of the kids off, and reportedly it’s a pretty intense ride with possible motion sickness concerns, so others may elect to pass on it. NRJ will be a very mild ride, with no height restrictions.

There is no consensus about the tiers for the existing AK rides, although many think EE and KS will also be tier 1. But as I said, this is all just conjecture at this point. But it’s pretty obvious that AK, in general, will become a lot more crowded than in the past, and the “lull” that has been seen after 2:00 PM will be a thing of the past. Not that I ever considered AK to be a “half day park” as many have, it will no doubt be a “full day” - and maybe a 2-day - park after Pandora opens.


I am worried that’s how it will turn out. I am becoming doubtful that we can do everything we want in one day at this point… Touring Plans has Animal Kingdom at a 7 crowd, which is hard for me to believe. I have a feeling there will be a lot of chaos and waiting in our day there. Maybe the FastPasses will open up 2 days before I have access, and I’ll have an idea. If not, I guess it will be a free for all.

Do you believe FoP will have drops? Isn’t the ride primarily stationary? Do you know if anyone expects there to be drops that give a sinking feeling or feeling of falling? I was hoping not. I don’t like rollercoasters but I do like simulators without drops.

It is a “simulator” type ride in that you are sitting in a seat viewing a screen. But reports are that there is more movement of the seats than on Soarin’, and the film is 3D. I’m pretty sure that there will be scenes where it “looks like” your diving, climbing, and banking, with synched seat movements. Nothing as crazy as Forbidden Journey, but this is being billed as a “thrill” ride.

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