Pandemic ticket refund still not received...any suggestions?

Our trip to WDW for June 2020 was cancelled due to Covid. We had plans to attend the Villains after hours at MK that I paid with Disney reward gift card (close to $500).
I received email from Disney In Jun that reservations would be cancelled and I would receive email with new e-gift card with my funds. I never received that e-gift card email.

I have now called twice and got as far as an email from wdw ticket services on 7/31/20 stating that I should anticipate an email with my e-gift card within 48 hours. It’s now 2 weeks later and nothing. I am beyond frustrated! Any suggestions?

Nothing to suggest but I hope you get your dough back soon. We don’t need that kinda stress.

I have requested a dozen refunds over the past 6 months for Disneyland, WDW, DCL, etc. and all of them have been processed within 2-3 weeks of me calling or cancelling online (if available). That includes an email with a gift card. So your situation is not normal. Try calling one more time and also check your junk mail folder in your email!

Thanks. I summoned up the strength and called one more time. This time I didn’t allow them to say “I’ll have my partner research and we’ll get back to you within a couple days.” or, “your email provider doesn’t like Disney” (I get emails from Disney daily) This time I didn’t allow them to brush me off the phone and finally asked to speak with a manager. I read her the email I received after the last time they researched stating I should receive another email with the gift card - that email never arrived. I checked junk/spam folder. Finally, while she kept me on hold she spoke with the gift cards area She told me I would be receiving the egift card within the hour. I actually did!!! Case finally closed!


Your persistence paid off! :blush: