Pandemic fears and crowd levels?

I know that everything is a crapshoot right now, but with Spring Break crowd levels indicated to be 9s and 10s is there any projected drop coming due to folks postponing their trips out of caution?

Just my own opinion - yes, some people might cancel, however, my guess is they won’t until it gets closer since there’s still so much unknown. I don’t think TP is going to make any adjustments to their predictions as a result. If anything, the CLs stay the same and they end up being lower and you’re in luck!


If crowds drop due to pandemic fears, I don’t think this is a good thing…it would mean the virus has become, well, pandemic!

Anyhow, we aren’t altering our plans for either of our trips. Who knows what might happen in the coming months? Not me, for sure.


DH and I were just discussing this last night (we’re going at the tail end of March/early April). Right now, we aren’t planning to make any changes to our trip…but a lot can happen in the next month.

DH is definitely getting his hopes up that everyone else cancels so we can have relatively empty parks :slight_smile:


@ISUamanda - we are in the same time frame. i’m monitoring it as well, at this time will keep trip as planned. agree, a lot can happen in a month.

I have got sick 2/3 trips to WDW this year… and that can’t be blamed on the coronavirus. If you are not used to be around alot of people/kids - odds are you’ll get sick regardless just from common virus’ :crazy_face: First time was common cold (in July!) and second time was sinus infection. By the end of our two weeks in Florida a couple weeks ago, everyone was sick (2 head colds, 1 pneumonia). Before my trip in April - I’m loading up on Cold Fx.

Disneyworld cannot be more contagious than a shopping cart at target. Every single time. Dd got pink eye from a trampoline park this weekend. We’re ready for anything

Yes, but the death rate on a cold or flu isn’t 2%.


if I’m going to die of a virus, I think getting it at Disney would be the best way to go!


At this point, I think the more likely scenario, rather than folks canceling their trips, is local people with APs may give WDW a pass- either because they are wary of the virus, or because the dip in the economy makes them less likely to go and spend a bunch of money on food, etc. Because they can always go another time.

People with flights, packages, etc are much less likely to cancel I’d think. We may see lower crowd levels, we may not. Either way, I really hope this virus is contained/turns out to be milder than earlier reports. Right now, it’s not looking good.


Personally, I wouldn’t mind being quarantined for 2 weeks in my AKL savannah view with room service, ha!


I’m not sure it’s going to affect too much. It’s not rampant in the US, so I think people are much less worried about it. And I agree that those with flights booked are less likely to cancel. I think international travel would be more of an issue though.

We are not planning on cancelling our May trip. As I said in the other thread on this topic, we went during the whole Zika scare in Florida back in 2016. I can’t plan my life around what might happen.


My kids’ school just canceled all the international student trips they had planned, and now they are looking to reschedule in domestic destinations so the kids still get to go somewhere. So that makes me wonder if the CLs could actually increase at Disney, because people may need to cancel their international vacations but they still want to take time off and get away.

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I’m definitey starting to worry about this. I’ve been planning our June trip for over a year already. It’s our family’s first big vacation, the kids already know about it, and we have a countdown going. How would we ever live it down if we couldn’t go?? (They’re too young to understand why things like this could be cancelled.)

Well pinkeye over and now a strep outbreak at the house. Good times

I don’t see much of an impact at Disney because of all the money that is required to be paid well ahead of time. As a poster said above, the only change I could see is locals that make a day trip may hold back until this is all done but I doubt they make up much of the daily population at the parks.

ChallahMonster I say go for it! Kids are not getting this, and it isn’t lethal for healthy people under 60. I also agree that the CL should be lower now. Just enjoy :slight_smile:

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If the market keeps falling last minute trips might not happen as much

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Nah. Trips are fine…it is retirement that is in question! :wink:


Looks like crowds are holding steady. 17 days to go for me. It’s kinda surprising that there hasn’t been any drop (but strangely/irrationally reassuring).