Palo vs Remy

Trying to decide between Palo and Remy for my husband’s birthday dinner on the Dream- what’s your vote and why?

We have done PALO twice - we had the private dining room for a group of 12 adults and it was a fantastic meal. Several of them - are foodies (one a chef). Everyone agreed that it was a spectacular meal. Service was fantastic and the meal was most memorable. We had done Palo years before and I still could taste the flourless chocolate torte (which I re-order the last time). I like the atmosphere of Palo as it it a bit more contemporary.

Remy is of course fantatic. The decor is a bit darker than I like - but it is spectacular and a bit more upscale than Palo - which can be a nice change if you prefer a formal setting. Personally I do enjoy that.

Either one will be spectacular - however take a look at the cost difference and see if you really think one will be that much better than the other. I would go to PALO and use the extra money for a massage!

@jerseygirl1977 did you do your cruise yet? If so what did you decide on?

No, we go in February. I booked dinner at Remy- it’s what my husband wanted to try for his birthday.

We go in february too! We ended up booking Palo. :smile: