Palo brunch recently observed dress code? (Dream) 👞

In light of the new dress code announced for Palo, I’m trying to save my DH the trouble of packing an extra pair of dress shoes for one meal on a 4-night cruise. We’re going in November 2016 so plenty of time to hear stories. I’ll be wearing a dress and nice sandals, he’ll be wearing nice slacks and a collared polo shirt, but otherwise, will only be packing closed-toe sandals and nice, clean understated sneakers. He feels uncomfortable wearing either of those shoes to Palo, but another pair of dress shoes takes up so much room in his carry-on! He has giant feet! What do you guys think? What have you SEEN?

what was the change to the dress code

They now allow jeans.


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LOL, that’s pretty much what DH said. I don’t really care one way or another, I’m still going to wear the pretty sundress and sandals I’d already picked out. As long as you two are here, which camp are you in? Should he pack a third pair of giant shoes on this 4-nighter just for the brunch, or can he get away with one of the pairs he’s already bringing? We’ve never done Palo at all before, so I really want to hear from those of you who have.

I am definitely in the “better dressed” camp. I took my tux for formal night etc. I prefer to be a bit over dressed than under dressed in these situations - but some people hate that. I love wearing a tux or suit - for me I think “this is how I look my best - why wouldn’t I want to look this way”. But that is my opinion.

We haven’t done brunch - only dinner - so suite jacket was required.

Plus my wife always looks stunning - so I want to look like I am at least worthy of her.

Most of our lives are “the same old same old” - its nice to “rise above” the ordinary existence and live a bit better for a few days. IMHO

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Totally get all of that. But as far as the shoes - we already know what clothes we are both wearing. He’ll be wearing nice slacks/belt and a collared Polo. We may have to take another piece of luggage to accommodate the extra shoes for the Palo brunch. You would do that? (missing the Palo brunch is not an option. I would go without him first. Oh yes. I would do that.)

I’m not going to tell you what to do, because I haven’t been to Palo myself. I can tell you that on the DISboard forum there were a lot of conversations on the jeans at Palo (some for, some against). No one really mentioned the shoes too much. My impression was that slip on deck shoes might make it. Realistically, it sounds like people are not being turned away for very much and if his shoes don’t look like gym shoes, he might get away with it.

If my husband asked the same question, I’d tell him to pack the dress shoes to be safe. Next cruise, we’d know what we can get away with. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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That was actually quite a lot of help, thanks @Ariadne!

“Please no tank tops, swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups, shorts, hats, cut-offs, torn clothing, t-shirts with offensive language and/or graphics, flip-flops or tennis shoes.”

Well, if by tennis shoes they mean sneakers, then that’s out. My DH doesn’t own flip-flops. I see no express language against sandals, so as far as I can see, his closed-toe sandals will be just fine. Answered my own question!

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All the best to you. Come back after your cruise and let us know what you did and what others were wearing on their feet.

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I love the casualness of a cruise - however - to be honest - some people dress awful to dining. Torn shorts - shirts that have never seen an iron - I just don’t get it. Guess I am a bit of a snob that way - but never understood it.

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Some people feel a vacation should be a backyard BBQ. I agree. I don’t think people need to be dressed up all the time, but making an effort to be presentable is not an unreasonable expectation.

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And there’s something about being on a cruise that makes me want to pack my dresses and pretty jewelry, I don’t know what it is. I used to watch the Love Boat obsessively (I do everything obsessively) when I was little, so maybe that has something to do with it. My DH looks presentable all the time. Even in when in WDW he wears closed-toe sandals, nice tailored shorts and collared polo shirts. (But sometimes the stormtrooper t-shirt because Star Wars rocks.)

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I’m really sad about the downgrade to jeans :frowning: we’ll be on our honeymoon and I’m excited to dress up and feel pretty! I just worry that jeans will bring down the whole overall “fancy” feel

PALO by itself has a very understated clean sophistication - so i don’t think anything will be ruined by people wearing jeans. I personally enjoyed the fact that you are going to a dining experience (not just dinner) and everything is heightened. The view, the ambiance, the service and of course the food. It is a bit of a shame though. On a happier note - the flowerless chocolate cake (aka warm lava cake) is unreal. Last time I ordered two and threatened my wife I would get a third!!!

For anyone traveling with a group - try to get the private dining “room” - it is wonderful. Holds 12 - 14 I think. But it is nice - you sometimes have open view to the kitchen.

But regardless - PALO is a wonderful place to eat and shouldn’t be missed.

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