Paging @DisneyFan24 - Kermit pick up at Poly

@Disneyfan24 - Can you please let me know if you were able to successfully retrieve Kermit from the Poly?

Becky (aka - the negligent keeping track of Kermit lady)

I made an attempt to pick him up at the Poly yesterday and had issues. They kept sending me from cast member to cast member. I am trying again right whil we are doing Ohana breakfast. I will report back asap if am or am not able to get him!

Thanks for the response. You have a copy of the tag, right? If not, let me know.

Yes I do have a copy of the tag!

Ok it is official I am done wasting precious vacation time locating Kermit!! This is the second day in a row that I have talked to CMs at the Poly desk! The first one says its in the runners room not the luggage room and then the next day they say the exact opposite! I have never been so frustrated and don’t understand why they can’t locate it when I have the flipping picture of the tag!! Anyway, I am done trying. Whoever is next in line can try to get him. I tried contacting others after me with no response. Sorry, my boys are super disappointed!

I understand completely. This is not the first time we have had this happen and I certainly don’t want it to take up any more of your Disney time. We will call out our Kermit interventionists and see what we can do.

It’sike they we are all listening to me talk but nobody was getting Kermit!

Oh no! Is Kermie still at Poly after I left him last week for @DarthDopey? I had a bad feeling after leaving him…their bell hop system is weird!

Has Kermit been found?

It doesn’t sound like it. Kermie!!!

Oh No!! @Sorcerers_Apprentice o you know Kermit’s status. Is he in limbo again?

Do we know where Kermit is yet? I think Kermit is wonderful, and I’m so hoping we can host him when we are there in January!

Sorry. Have been totally distracted with other things. Kermit appears to have fallen into the abyss at the Poly. If anyone is there and wants to try to spend some time hammering the good folks at the Poly, let me know and I can provide some info.

Any idea where Kermit is - we’d love to host him when we get there on Friday. I might even convince DW to make him a little outfit!