Paging @darkmite - Volcano Bay help needed now!

Help @darkmite or anyone please!

Our bus didn’t come till after 9, when we got to Krakatoa it was 9.30 and a 30 min wait. We’re in line now. Everything we have gone to in the meantime has had a wait. How do we see wait times before we physically walk there? We have lost our entire early entry. I tried the app but it just shows me names and not wait times.



@ryan1 or @bebe80 or @QwertySC --can any of you help her?

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The best of know of is boards and groups of TapuTapu stations in various places.


@Shmebulock you were just there multiple times. Can you help?



We haven’t seen any so far.

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@darkmite2 : would you be able to help?

I’m afraid I’ve never been to Volcano Bay, so I’m no help!

I don’t remember ever seeing a wait time posted anywhere other than at the entrance to each attraction.

I’m sorry about the lack of bus and EE. That sucks.

To make the most of the rest of your day I suggest using your Tapu return, then tap in for something else you want to ride, then kick back in the fearless river for a while and have fun!!
I also recommend a cocktail!! The rum punch was good. I don’t think they do bad ones!!
Refill the souvenir cup for a discount!!

Hope you can salvage a great day from a rubbish start :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Sorry, we didn’t go to Volcano bay on our trip last month. We have plans to go June of 2023. I’m sorry I cannot help!

I’m so sorry to hear about the bus. Sounds frustrating!

I went to VB recently, but I stayed at CB, so we walked.

I didn’t have issues with transportation going to the parks. Must be something unusual, I don’t know :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t know the answer to this. Sorry :persevere:

EiI’m ready to go back to the hotel to be honest. We were only want to be here till lunchtime anyway. And we lost last night in the parks. I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. Universal hs been more stressful than I anticipated so far. I wouldn’t do VB again on a 9am opening unless we had a full day. It opened at 7.30 last time and we didn’t wait for anything. I was spoiled!


Which hotel are you staying at?

I think there were boards scattered around with waiting times.

I found there was enough no-wait stuff to keep me busy while I waited. Though I only used Tapu Tapu once, which was for my second ride on Krakatau. 90 min wait.

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Why did you lose your night last night in the parks?

Confirm - no way to see on the app. The only way are the message boards scattered around or by going to the ride.

(This is a old image. Not today’s waits!)

Unfortunately, July is the busies time of the year for Universal. VB has closed due to capacity multiple times this week…


HRH. There are boards scattered around but they only say to buy Express Pass. Ko’okiri was ride now just as Joe tapped at 9.31 and then it went up to 10mins so I didn’t do it because we were in the Krakatoa line. The only other thing was Maku, which we did because we had to do something. Joe wanted Ohno so we tapped into that, 50 mins. I didn’t end up doing it at all because we didn’t have a locker, just water pouches for our phones that we couldn’t take on. Joe went first and it took about 20 mins, I didn’t have it in me to wait. We’re just eating then I’m leaving. I’ve literally done 2 slides and the fearless river. Joe says he’s staying.

Joe didn’t feel well. I could have stayed but I didn’t feel like being solo.


:frowning: sorry. Is he feeling better today?


I’m taking my DD20 for the first time in August. This makes me want to go ahead and get the Express Pass now, while it’s still only $80. The rate for today is $130


It was absolutely empty when we came before. We always do late July or early August and I’ve never seen the parks so busy. Revenge travel in full force. And we did see those boards, but no times on them. Maybe it was a system issue.