Page on mobile site - can't find on desktop!

Sorry for the question but I have been using a great page on the mobile site: its the DW Crowd Calendar which has the colour coded busy times for each park each day by hour
the desktop hasn’t got the hour by hour chart - can I find it somewhere else?
thank you

I have found the option for this called the the tamp on the iPad version too but that link doesn’t show on the desktop page in the same place - maybe I am due another eye test!

The full website and the app are quite different. I tend to think of the website as the tool to use for planning and research, and the app is what I use when I’m actually there. Here’s the link for the desktop/website version of Lines Chat. It still has the limited functionality of the app version, but it’s nice to be able to peek in without needing your phone. I hope this helps.

Also, the full Touring Plans crowd calendar is only available on the website. You can go to the full site using your browser on your phone (like in Safari or Chrome.) I find My Disney Experience is similar. You can use the app 90% of the time, but sometimes you need to log into the full site in your browser for something.