Any tips on packing for an 8 day trip? Witha 5 year old?

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When are you going? Lots of snacks if you don’t want to shell out so much money in the parks! We gave each of our 3 kids 30 in gift cards and that was their spending money. Also, we brought enough ponchos for 3 days of rain and used almost all of them, and also plastic tablecloths (.97 at Walmart) which we used to cover our stroller when it rained (if you are bringing a stroller). Then we just threw them away when they were done so we didn’t have to carry around wet stuff to dry out. We also carried flip flops/sandals every day in the bottom of our stroller in case it rained so we didn’t have to have soaked feet all day. What we did NOT use were water bottles we thought we would fill at the park - they were just too bulky. Even though it was super hot, we did fine with counter service ice water and a few bottles of regular water we had packed.

We sre heading July 2nd. Great tips about table clothes, very clever.

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I pack all of my kids clothes in outfits - so it’s stacked -PJs for day 1 (and diaper or undies), then under that clothes (including diaper/undies, socks) for day 2 (bc day 1 clothes are being worn), then day 2 pjs, etc. All extras like bathing suits get put on the bottom of their stack. Any bedtime lovies like a blanket or stuffed animal go on top of their stack. Just my organization way. Stack however you like. :slight_smile: All toiletries are packed in my toiletry bag. Include a trash bag or plastic grocery bag for dirty clothes to come home in and wet clothes. I like to have zip lock bags for the park in case you need water proof storage. I pack ponchos in our park bag and an extra one for the stroller & or to use to cover the wet ground to sit on. But I think next time I’m going to buy every one a poncho in the park so we’ll have a good one. If you’re taking a stroller, I like the water/fan bottles that blow water on you. I know it looks so touristy but they can really help cool you down and you can keep them in the stroller. Also for the stroller, put a tag on it or other unique identifier because it’s hard to find yours in the sea of strollers. Take extra clothes in the park (use those ziplocks!). because if you get wet it’s no fun walking around in that. Buy all your “souvenirs” before you go and take them with you. We had tinker bell bring us a gift every night so we didn’t need to buy in the park. Saved us tons!! Sunscreen is a must. Some say bug spray but I never see bugs there. We like refillable water bottles - just refill at any quick service restaurant. If you are doing autographs, we kept autograph books and pens all in a expandable coupon folder so they were all together. and I tied it to the stroller handles so we’d have easy access to it. Get a mommy hook for the stroller too in case you need to hang wet clothes off it. or anything really. I’m sure there are more tips…


I love the idea of packing & stacking the clothes in order and in outfits. Great!

I don’t need a stroller, but I think I may rent one so I can use some of your tips. Maybe I will keep everything in the stroller instead of lugging a backpack around. Your tips are great! :grinning:

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Love it! I bought a fanny pack (I know, I haven’t used on since the late 1980’s) and love that I can pack almost everything I need safely around my waist!