Packing for WDW Made Me Sad

How can I be sad when packing for WDW???

We will be in WDW in less than 3 weeks, and I’m putting things I come across into a box to make sure I take them. I came across my big fat pen on a lanyard just now and am sad that we won’t need it. :frowning:


Not “liking” the sadness, but the fact that you ARE going!!
Besides, take the pen. Use it to keep notes to remind yourself what you do, for the trip report :smile: Or take it just because!! Consider it more of a talisman than a pen.
BTW: Great to see you!!! :wave::wave:


What a great idea! And I am glad to be going to WDW for a very short stay. There is some magic that isn’t normal, so not a bad thing.


I leave two weeks from today! First couple of days at UOR. I am excited to have something to look forward too, especially since it is so dreary here today. I hope you can find your happiness in anticipation even amongst the losses. It’s good that you can identify it, feel it and move on. Happy packing!


The most prevalent magical experiences we are looking forward to are:

  1. Adults being able to wear costumes in MK, my DD18 is looking forward to that.
  2. Availability of usually MNSSHP-only treats and souvenirs.
  3. Food & Wine. It will be our first time.
  4. No ADRs or FPs that we have to make sure we arrive on time for.

I hope you enjoy your trip!


#4 big time. While I’m more stressed about staying safe especially with more crowds now than when I booked I’m honestly really excited for being able to live in the moment and not have to worry about being anywhere at a certain time. No shows really except impromptu or continuous running really with a couple of exceptions, and no ADRs as we prefer to eat outside. There’s something to the old way the parks used to be when I was a kid and you didn’t need dining reservations and fastpasses.

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I hear you.

I unlocked my safe this morning to put a big pile of cash into it and I discovered the safe is literally full up with gold and jewels. I simply could not put anything more into it.

I shed a tear and then ordered a new one.



Absolutely! I also think that the calvacades harken back to how it used to be. Seems to be more characters are out and they happeni randomly on no set schedule.


I literally laughed out loud.

You did just go to DLP and took a part of the day to visit my old stomping grounds in Paris; a place I probably will never go again.

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Someone got to go to DLP? They let you in? We had to cancel our trip last month…our flight got cancelled and the EU rules. Kept getting these stinking email reminders from DLP and other Paris stuff we booked but with empty itineraries and the calendar on my phone kept telling me stuff like 3 hours till your flight to Paris. My depression of no Disney in my future drove me to my last minute rebook to WDW. I haven’t rebooked DLP since you can’t plan anything…the double edged sword to the good 'ole days of spontaneity at WDW is that you cannot have plans at all even when you want 'em! But I am also looking forward to the spontaneity of characters though it is also sad no new characters to add to my large scrap book too.

HA HA HA :rofl:

Matt is here in England, different rules.


So glad you are going!!! Love reading the trip reports. I went into our Disney box to get the galoshes I bought my mom for our last trip because school is mostly outside and I got sad all over again about missing our perfectly planned trip last March. We are so lucky in so many ways but had been really looking forward to that trip!

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I can’t even imagine how hard that would have been!

Thanks! It was planning perfection and I just love the 11 year old version of my daughter❤️I will say spending the pandemic with her has been great. She has blossomed😍back to school is hard because the work is nonstop…opening school in a pandemic is a massively exhausting undertaking but she and her classmates are happy. I’m holding onto the idea of traveling with her again someday…hopefully one more WDW adventure before we see the rest of the world!!! We are lucky that we have already been able to go before. We were so looking forward to seeing the new Curque du Soleil show my heart breaks for the performers and all the CM’s affected by the economic destruction

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