Packing early

Hey all, I know this is going to seem very out of place in our current situation, but it is what makes me feel better right now. Hoping we can still go on our end of April trip, but I have no control over that. What I do have control over is packing and making sure I have a shopping list for when I can return to the stores. So question for early packers… With clothes packed for a month, aren’t they getting stubborn wrinkles? Do you iron in Florida? Or does the Florida humidity take care of it all?

…Trust me I’m shaking my head at myself typing this. So if anything, I hope it brings you some humor!

Wrinkle release spray the night before and hang to get the wrinkles out.

I do also iron but I think it’s an illness of mine.

Thanks. I’m not a fan of the smell of wrinkle release spray, so I will probably iron…and maybe not pack for a bit longer, lol.

You can make your own fabric spray! I made mine long before they sold like that in the stores. I dont iron ever. If there is a liquid fabric softer that you do like the smell of just put a little in a small travel spray bottle and dilute it with water. You can even use the free and clear liquid fabric softner that has no scent as well ifbyou cant fund a smell you can tolerate :wink:


Just use a spray bottle with water. Works almost as well. I have been doing that since my teen years, before it was a thing (I’m 45)

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Body heat unwrinkles clothes. :stuck_out_tongue: When we were buying DS dress shirts, the salesman said he never irons his dress shirts and proceeded to show us his unwrinkled shirt he was wearing. But when you first put it on, it is wrinkled.

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You could try out some different folding or rolling techniques that may reduce wrinkles. I can’t speak to a specific method but I know there are lots of videos out there on packing techniques.

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