Packing cube deal

I have never used packing cubes so I can’t speak to this brand’s quality though the reviews seem positive, but I thought of the packing cube conversations I have read in this forum when I saw this Groupon. Sharing in case anyone is interested.

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I’ve used packing cubes (Gonex brand) for a few trips now and I love them. What I found, though, was that size matters. The ones you posted look like great sizes. I look for the 14x10 for folded t-shirts. That size can be hard to find as a lot of sets have a 13x9, which is a tad too small for me. I find the larger sizes great for pants and shorts, as well as DH’s t-shirts. In my opinion, I dont have a lot of use for the smaller ones, but maybe others will.

Anyway, if I didn’t already have a bunch, I’d go for this one, so they get my vote.


I’d never heard of packing cubes until I took my first trip to WDW in 2017. I went nuts for them and bought a whole load from Amazon. I really liked how neat they made everything.

But then @bswan26 talked about his packing philosophy — throw all your stuff in the case. Wear it / use it. Throw it all back in again after use. Job done.

And I was kinda sold on the simplicity of that. So on my most recent trip I didn’t use packing cubes. And, to be honest, I’m not sure I missed them.

Of course, if you’re packing for more than one person in a single suitcase, I can see the practicality of them.


:scream_cat: I am going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

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I agree that, for multiple people, they make more sense. I have different colored sets for each of the kids. Makes finding their crap when we get somewhere much easier.
When I’m traveling alone, the real value I see in using them is that I can unpack so much faster upon getting home. I just grab the bag with dirty clothing and throw it in the laundry instead of having to sort out clean clothing or miscellaneous items.
My question is - what is that clear zipper bag on the bottom right? Loving that for all of the toiletries!

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Lol. That clear one looks to me like it was once packaging for a shower curtain/liner. Or maybe a sheet? :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Beth and I am a reformed packing cube maniac :slight_smile: Someone posted the video about the bundle method of packing and I tried it last weekend and I am SOLD (but instead of one huge bundle, I did two small ones). Lo and behold, DH says he has been packing that way forever (you think I’d have noticed after 33 years.) Now I did use my smallest cube as the center of my bundle and packed socks and underwear in it) - NO WRINKLES!

So do you roll or fold?

When I used packing cubes, I rolled, but with bundle packing it’s really neither. I believe it was @Pod who added the link on bundle packing. I’ll see if I can find it again

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I have never heard of this. Digging head out of sand.:slight_smile:

No digging needed. I never had, even though DH has apparently always packed this way. Here is the link Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News - YouTube that @pod sent


Thank you.

Not only my head…I just know DS21 will want the t-shirt in the centre. :joy:

So what do you do with:

  • shoes
  • toiletries
  • first aid kit
  • prescription medication
  • lacey items that you can’t bundle up with bras etc
  • cables for phones etc
  • other stuff

I mean, I can see it’s useful for an overnight or 3-4 nights. But for those of us coming long distance for over a week, or just with things other than clothes, do those go under the bundle or on top? And how do they not crease the bundle.

And what about going home when you have dirty clothes and unworn / washed clothes?


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Granted, I only did this for a two night stay. I put shoes and heavy items in a pile next to or under the bundle. It certainly isn’t for everyone. I just found my clothes were less wrinkled than rolling them, but if we are talking strictly Disney trips, I am not real concerned about that…take some wrinkle release spray

??? Head back in sand!:slight_smile:

you are the best! Search Amazon for Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray

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£16 a bottle. …do you think it would work on my face?:joy:


You made me spew coffee with that one!

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