Packed lunch whilst watching show

On some days we will be taking a packed lunch into the park (just sandwiches and crisps). Was wondering if it’s okay to eat these whilst watching some of the shows? Whilst in HS we’re planning on eating our lunch whilst watching The Indiana Jones Stunt Show - just checking this kind of thing is okay? Thanks

In general outdoor show it’s fine, indoor show is a no no. So I think that means you’ll be fine at Indy.

Please be sure your packed lunch doesn’t involve peanut butter if you are going to eat in close quarters with others. Many people with peanut allergies (a few of my kids among them) would react to the smell of peanuts.

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Good question, this is useful, thank you. Same in DLP parks, outdoors are fine, indoors, you might sneak some snacks but it’s frowned upon.
The exception was the Videopolis which used to have the Lion King show which has massive tiers of tables with seats. But sadly it just shows cartoons now :frowning:

Good point, it’s something I never think about because none of us have allergies.

Which shows are outdoors? Indy and Beauty and the Beast I think but are there any others? We have the QSDP so I’d thought we might bring snacks in for some of the shows, we’re all looking forward to Indy but I think we might head to some of the others mainly to rest our feet! :grinning:

Fantasmic and the Star Wars stage show. There are probably others too.

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Thanks! :grinning:

This is a great point. I admit to struggling with this at times because folks have all different kinds of allergies - I have a work friend who is allergic to bananas and I know that if I bring one to work, I eat it in my office with the door closed and put it in a sealed ziplock baggie in the trash when I’m done - I definitely don’t want to cause a medical issue! Some folks are allergic to strawberries, others to shellfish. It’s tough to navigate this and I know it’s not something that’s always top of mind for me since we don’t have any allergies.

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Most allergies, scent of the allergen isn’t enough to trigger anaphylaxis. But peanut allergies are particularly bad…and very common.

But if your family counts on peanut butter, then in such public situations, I suggest one the following alternatives (in order of most similar taste):

  • almond butter
  • walnut or cashew butter
  • Sunbutter (sunflower seed based)
  • soy nut butter (such as Wow Butter)

Interesting! Thanks!