Package at Dolphin: Tickets question

So we decided to head down for a quick, Christmas focused trip the first weekend in December. Booking last minute for us (67 days out). Of course, it’s Rise of the Resistance opening weekend, so there was absolutely zero on site availability.

We booked a package through the WDW website, but at the Dolphin. I finally (5 days later), successfully linked our reservation to MDE account. It shows the room. And they have put FP access keys on our accounts. FP day is Monday morning!

Does anyone have experience staying at Dolphin on a package? Do we really not get our actual tickets to link until check in?

We have old magic bands that we plan to use once everything is linked. It just seems crazy to me that I won’t be able to link until we actually get there.

Just looking for reassurance from someone who’s been there, done this before.


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I would like to try and help but am a little confused.

Why did you have to link your reservation to your account? Didn’t you say you booked through WDW?

When you did link, did you have to put your room confirmation in? (That’s what I did when I stayed at Dolphin and booked through Dolphin).

What do you mean by FP access key - have never heard of this before. You need a room and ticket to book FPP. Is this perhaps your ticket number that you are seeing?

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I’m confused too.

Last Monday, I booked a package on the WDW website. I booked a 2 night stay at the Dolphin and a 2 day non-hopper ticket. I got a confirmation number from Disney, however, no reservation or tickets appeared on my MDE site. I used the confirmation number that Disney gave me and it wouldn’t link anything. I talked to the Disney resort support people and the IT people. Resort team could see the reservation, but they couldn’t make it link.

I finally called the Dolphin directly. They gave me a different confirmation for the Dolphin. That number actually worked to link the resort stay to my MDE account. So now I can see the nights that we are staying.

However, I have no ticket numbers. I have been told that I won’t actually get the tickets until check in at the Dolphin (by the Disney people, I didn’t ask the Dolphin people that specific question). Instead, Disney IT support has put FP access keys on our accounts. They have told me that these will work to book FPs at 60 days out. However, I won’t be able to actually use them until I get the tickets upon check in at the Dolphin, and then link those to my MDE account.

I guess the remaining question is, is there a way to get the ticket numbers from the Dolphin? Since Disney doesn’t apparently do it automatically. It’s very, very strange to me, since I booked this all through Disney directly.

Everyone I’ve talked to seems to think this is the normal way it works, but I’ve never heard of it before (granted, I’ve never looked into staying at the Dolphin before).

I’m really wishing that there had been some on-site availability left, because this has been a headache!

So weird! We did a room only booking direct with Dolphin and did tickets separately; so I haven’t been through this situation. It sounds like you’ll be okay to book FPP. I’d be more confused about why they aren’t just mailing your tickets too you so that you already have them.

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It’s all very strange to me!

It shouldn’t be a big deal, as long as FP booking works on Monday.

We’re actually going to the Christmas party on our arrival night, and I already have those tickets. So I won’t HAVE to link our package tickets until the second day. Guess that’s a good way of ensuring we use our party tickets and not our package tickets the first day…

I would call the Dolphin and ask. They are pretty knowledgeable about all things Disney and help put you at ease. I find their customer service to be five star! 407-934-4000

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This is true - they screwed something up for us on the last trip (basically forgot to charge us for our room when they were supposed to, which threw our budget out of whack), but after going back and forth and straightening it out, they upgraded our room to compensate.

FPP morning update: reservation is showing in MDE, but only for 2 guests (SMH why can’t we get this right). However, umbrella policy and FP access keys worked. So our FPPs are made. Yay!

Now I guess I just have to pick up tickets when we arrive and link them.

And, wait on pins and needles to see if they extend park hours and open up more availability.

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