Pack-n-Play in Caribbean Beach bathroom? :)

I’m trying to find a way for my baby to sleep without too much noise and light from the other 5 of us in one CBR room! I’ve had someone suggest 3M hooks and hanging shower curtains to portion off a “room” for the pack-n-play. I’m also thinking of fitting the pack-n-play in the sink area and closing the doors. Would a pack and play fit under the “closet” on the side (and in front of maybe one sink) or would it have to go in front of both sinks in order to fit? Anyone know the square footage floorspace available? I don’t want to block off access to the restroom or the sink by it. Thank you so much!

Umm, I don’t think that’s going to work. There are less than 2 feet in front of the sink if I remember correctly.

Maybe send everyone to the pool while little one naps and pray that at night everyone is so tired that the baby passes out?!? :slight_smile: I took ds to mnsshp at 8 months and was so worried about sleep… I threw him in his carrier and he even slept through the parade! He also slept in the stroller, on the ferry :slight_smile: don’t know how little yours is but good luck and don’t stress!!! :slight_smile: