Owning at more than one resort

If you own at more than one resort, are you able to combine your points to use at either resort at the 11-month mark? Say I have 100 pts at Copper Creek and 100 at AKL… can I use 200 pts at either at 11 months?

I believe points always retain they’re 7/11 month status. So, no, I don’t think so.


No, at 11 months you can use your 100 points at each home resort. I own at Copper Creek and BWV. I like both resorts because I can usually book at BWV when CC is impossible. AKL would work the same way.

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You can bank and borrow to make that happen. One year you use 200 points at 11-months for AKL and the next year you use 200 points at 11-months for CC.