Overlord recommendation: EMH Rope Drop IaSM?!

I’ve been on before with some truly puzzling touring plan sequences from the Overlords, but this one is more for giggles as I believe I know generally why, but it is still pretty bizarre. :slight_smile:

This is the first trip with just my DW and I, no kids. She isn’t a fan of thrill rides which means most of the normal targets for RD are not on the list anyway. We’re going in early October and I’m purposely picking MNSSHP days then park hopping, so all the MK days are are all CL1 days. Hence, I figure between few thrill rides and wait times generally very low throughout the day, the overlords didn’t see any reason to prioritize rides like Buzz and PoTC for rope drop. But IaSM??!! 99% sure if we did it first, we’d not be just first in line, but the only riders for many boats!

I think on principal I can’t do that, so we may just go loop Buzz or something first. Maybe if I don’t submit wait times the Overlords won’t know? :slight_smile:

Its FPP day tomorrow, so doing final reviews before getting up early. I couldn’t resist sharing the recommendation though. I even did a few extra optimizes just to see if it would change, it didn’t.


Who are the “Overlords”?

Yeah, I definitely see that it’s weird! I was at DL last weekend and the overloads suggested that my first MaxPass was IASW. I thought it was strange, but I did it anyway. We rode a couple headliners, and then before we went to IASW I got a notification that the ride had gone down, and our MP had converted to the magical anytime/any ride FP. MAGIC!! I’ll never doubt the overlords again. I followed the suggestions the rest of the day, and we ended up riding the headliners multiple times, never standing in line for more than 15 min (except MFSM), and we left the park with each of us having 2 magic FP un-used. It was awful walking out of the park, leaving those on the table…but my traveling party over-ruled me.




Just in case the context of Patricoso’s picture isn’t clear, that is from the Personalized Touring Plans part of the website where you get to create your own customized touring plans.


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That is a cool story! I’m very good about following the Overlords plans too–to the point of well justified teasing from family members. Even with teasing, they know the importance of following though and never argue, just grumble a bit with a smile! :slight_smile: