Overbooked Disney Resort?


Just out of curiosity, I am wondering how Disney handles a resort it has overbooked/oversold? If they offer to upgrade & move you, do they do that at check-in or do they reach out to you prior to arrival date?

Thank you!

They typically do that ahead of time if you are being moved resorts, but I know of people who were moved/upgraded on arrival.

Most recently there has been some of this pixie dust for guests booked in these first couple of weeks at ASMo, which only just reopened. It seems the resort was booked solid (or maybe oversold) for a big cheerleading competition(s) AND that one of the buildings experienced a burst pipe that took it out of commission. Several guests who were booked at ASMo have been moved to (wait for it!) GF! These guests largely report being contacted by Disney ahead of their arrival.


That’s some crazy Pixie Dust!! It must have been a fun surprise for them! :blush:


One woman I saw on a FB group was thinking of calling them back to decline the upgrade.

Yeah, folks jumped right on that and she kept it.

I think she must have been delirious when she was considering that!


Yeah, really! Getting an upgrade to a Deluxe Monorail resort?! How cool is that! And so rarely happens.


Len said that he heard from someone who booked Movies at the hidden HotRate price (I’m guessing probably about $100) who then got upgraded to GF! Crazy.