Over Engineering This!

Hi TP users -

I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time “playing” with plans then I will actually spend at DL. Are there any best practices or day of tips you have!? I’ve made a full day plan, a plan for the first three hours, a plan for after lunch, and an evening plan. I’m having a hard time trusting the computer overlords and just creating a full day plan. Trust the data right? I plan to use the lines app and optimize through the day. Would love an experienced users opinion!


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My first question, is how many days are you spending at the park? Do you have Park Hopper tickets or not? Which park to you want to go to Disneyland or both? Do you have kids or is it just adults?

I don’t use the plans when we go; I never really have, but we do have a plan.

Hi lmbc - We are two adults and a teenager with a two-day parkhopper pass. Mostly debating if I fully trust the full day optimized plan. The system doesn’t seem to pull in the fast pass tickets and has our morning at rides that don’t seem to be “hot” or based on other tips the best way to start the day. Looking forward to your thoughts.

The optimized plan is off and has been for while. I never use it, but then I go to the parks on a regular basis. I just use them as suggestions.

The most popular rides for FPs is Hyperspace Mtn in DL and Radiator Springs Racers in DCA. If you want to go on those rides you will want to take that into consideration. But RSR does have single rider, so if the FPs are gone that is a good option to take advantage of. The land in DL that is crowded first is Tomorrowland, so sometimes we start on the other side, where fewer people are after getting our FP for Space Mtn. or Star Tours. After Space Mtn. we will get a FP for Star Tours, then go rides in Fantasyland, but that does get crowded quickly too.

If I were there for two days, I would probably plan to go to DL first and then spend the next morning at DCA and close out at DL.

Peter Pan is ALWAYS packed. Just plan on a 40 minute wait, no matter what. I think the only time I saw it short was around 11pm when the park closed at midnight and that even might have changed.

Do you know what days you are going? Now there is Magic Mornings to consider too. If DL opens one hour early, that means the rides will have a line by the time you get there. (You could do DCA first, but that tends to be a shorter day anyway.) But I would probably still do that, especially if you are going on a day that is generally slow. Though the crowd charts have been off too.

Because of the construction of Star Wars Land, the traffic patterns are messed up in DL too and that might be messing with the plans.

DCA is generally the same all day. It gets busier as the day goes by. Toy Story Midway Mania does not have FPs and there can be an average of a 40 minute wait for the ride most of the day, except when it first opens.

Overall, depending on the crowds levels, I may consider doing the single rider option more often, to leave openings for having FPs for other rides.

I don’t know if I answered your question or just created more! :slight_smile: Let me know if you have others.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like the idea of grabbing a SM fastpass and then heading to the other side. We are going to start day one (2/17) at Disney which will be MM at DCA, then to DCA for a few hours and head back to Disney. I think most of day 2 (2/18) will be at DCA with more flexibility depending on our moods. I’ll take your advice on not count on the accuracy of TP. We’ll use the lines app in the park and adjust as we go. Thank you!

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Also, remember that DLR also has its own app. It works pretty well and you can use the PhotoPass, as well as make meal reservations, which is very convenient. I have used the two in conjunction to get a feel for the lines.

Just gonna echo what lmbc said, with a few additions. I’m a dork planner like you–4 plans before we go is not an exaggeration. I usually end up using the full day optimized plan only if it gets us to RSR and SM fast passes first. If not, I’ll tweak it with those at the beginning and go from there.

My usual DCA plan is RSR fast passes, then hit TSMM while the lines are usually shorter. The rest is usually pretty accurate, plan-wise. For DL, it’s all about SM passes, then you can usually walk on Star Tours pretty quick right after. I’ll usually put someone in line for ST, run over to get SM passes, then join them in line for ST. If you’re gonna hit Fantasyland, that would be my next go, even if the plan doesn’t say so.

Having said all that, last time I went, I made a plan but then used Lines. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. If something was on the plan, but we didn’t want to do it, I checked the app for what had short lines and we went there. The plan was still a big help for making sure we got FP before they ran out, but we were much more flexible throughout the day.

Just my 2 cents. Plan, but then relax and have fun! :slight_smile:

OK, having just said all that…

I’m working on a plan for a trip in Sept, and the optimize is REALLY messed up. Having me get 2 FP at once, not doing the right times, blech. Guess the best way is to just line up what you want to do (I’m still sticking to the order from my original post) and then evaluate and tweak.

With the 2 fastpasses at once, is one of the rides Buzz? It is disconnected, so you can get Buzz at the same time as any other ride.

Thanks for the tips everyone! We head to Disney this coming Friday. I’ll be sure to use lines at the park. I’ll optimize my 8 plans before we go, and decide what looks best taking your tips top of mind!

Now that you mention it, yes. Guess I should do my research before posting :smiley: Thanks @Wahoohokie!

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This throws off many people, as it is not publicized by Disney that Buzz is disconnected. Have fun researching!