Oven roasted turkey sandwich at Sci Fi

Has anyone tried this? I am thinking I might want something a bit healthier than a burger after eating at Disney for a week. Just wondering if it is good or if I should try something else?

Wow! I can’t believe that nobody has tried it. That must be a bad sign. Perhaps, I will just get a burger.

I think my mum will probably have it but we don’t go till August.

I didn’t have it but for something healthy I had the lettuce wraps which were pretty good. Only downside is they’re messy and the plate is huge so I bit difficult to eat in a dark car. Just something else to consider.

I did a falafel burger as a somewhat “lighter” option (as compared to a meaty, burger". It was “fine”…like kind of good, but one of those veggie burgers that is kind of textural-ly challenged with bread and veggie patty being a little too similarly textured. What I SHOULD have done is split an entree with my husband, but alas I didn’t think of it until after.