Have a conference in Orlando and asked the kids if they wanted to do WDW but they were indifferent. If WDW wasn’t so bloody expensive we might have done it anyway but tough to justify with a lukewarm interest. Granted we happened to go to Disney Paris earlier this year as a brief side trip on a France vacation so that could have been part of it. (The park ticket prices were a fraction of WDW by the way). Glad we visited WDW when the kids were 4 & 6 as that seems like the prime time to go. Not necessarily a bad thing that the kids would like to go to Hawaii, Europe, or elsewhere for a family vacation. It is unfortunate that WDW is more expensive then going to these other places as it has priced us out for a return visit as the benefit cost with a lukewarm reception is not there anymore. Had a great visit when they were young so we will still enjoy those memories.

While I hope my children will always have a passion for Disney, I look forward to more diversity of vacations. My son wasn’t very interested in the Smithsonian museums or Williamsburg, so it’ll be great to go back in the distant future.

Thats a shame - my daughters are teenagers now and still want to go to WDW as much as ever - but its a different holiday to when they were young - now we really enjoy meals at good restaurants, going to shows and closing down the parks.