Outer Banks Beach Trip report - kid perspective

Instead of a trip report on Walt Disney Wold I’m doing a trip report on a beach trip.

Cast: me 6 brother 9 mom 40 dad 40 dog 4.5

Packing up and hitting the road on a Thursday morning. Finished virtual school check in then on our way.

YAY we made it! We’re staying in Duck, NC. Unpacking and then heading to the beach. After the beach we swam in the pool. We were lucky and saw our dog swim! Ended day 1 with school work, sweets, and snuggles.

Day 2 Friday October 16. Had Duck donuts for breakfast. Played at the beach. And then went to the Lost treasure mini golf diamond course. Played family board games while it rained in the evening.

Day 3 Saturday windy, chilly, morning on the beach. I found my biggest sea shell, brother found a bigger one than I did. Next, we went exploring on Duck’s town boardwalk. We had Treehouse brunch with awesome biscuits. Then we went back to Lost treasure mini golf round 2 gold course. Then we went back for
fun in the sand. 60 degree air temperature can not stop me from playing in the sand and waves. Warm up in the hot tub and rest time then packing up.

Day 4 Sunday, up early to check out by 9. Long drive home. Quick trip, but it was worth it.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading.


Sounds like a fun trip. Where did you stay? This sounds like a fun weekend trip for us.

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We rented a house just north of Duck on Cook Dr, we used Southern Shores Realty this time.

We had originally booked the long weekend at WDW back in the spring when our summer Disney cruise got cancelled. But as time passed, we determined it wasn’t worth the expense for the limited experience. We decided to pay 1/4 (maybe more like 1/3) of the cost on the beach house instead. We’ll save the rest for our longer WDW in April 2021.

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Thanks for your trip report. Sounds just like great days at the beach even if a little chilly. Shells, sand and mini-golf. :+1:

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Definitely. We loved having the beach to ourselves. No crowds when it’s chilly and windy. Plus seemed easier to distance in covid times.


Thank you. Glad you had a fun trip.