Outdoor seating at La Hacienda heat in June?

Per advice from the book, we have 7:45p reservations at La Hacienda in hopes of getting good seating for Illuminations after we eat. Since we will be there in late June, does anyone have opinions about how hot it will be in that outdoor seating? Do they have any kind of fans or other cooling?

LaH is indoor seating, so this isn’t an issue. :slight_smile:

Oh, okay then. The 2016 book (pg 568) says to ask for an outside table so I assumed they had outside seating .

I don’t have the 2016 book, but if the wording is the same as the edition I have then they are referring to the Rose and Crown, which has outside seating - it’s a little confusing. At LaH you want to ask for a window seat.

It’s likely referring to asking for a table on the outside of the dining room with a window. Only some tables will access to a fireworks view.

Thanks to both of you for clearing that up. :slight_smile: