Outdoor seating at Casey's Corner (HEA view?)

Is it possible and/or acceptable to grab a outdoor seating at Casey’s Corner if you don’t buy food there? I was hoping to get ice cream from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and then eat it at the Casey tables. Can we hang out and wait for a table to open, and then send one or two of us for ice cream? If we do this early enough, can we stay for HEA? It looks like some tables are up against a railing and would be relatively unobstructed viewing. Our TP only takes us until 7:40 on a 9 p.m. HEA night, so we have plenty of time to stake out a quality spot. I’d like to keep my husband from getting irritated with other people and thought if we had a table at a railing we wouldn’t have to contend with folks squeezing in front of us.

It may be possible but there may be some angry people saying some things to you? The seating at Casey’s is very limited. Many people walk around with trays of food hoping to not have to eat at a trash barrel.


I don’t want to be obnoxious or have folks getting mad at us. I’m willing to start early, but I want a spot that isn’t too hard to guard against last minute jostling. From what I’ve read our best bet may be to squish up against a garden railing in the hub so that no one can get in front of us.

Any other spots or strategy suggestions for a not-too-stressful (first time) HEA viewing experience?

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If you don’t care about seeing the stage show also, try the veranda at the crystal palace. It is where people wait to be seated for the restaurant and is usually not busy at that time of night. If you get there early you can grab a bench seat though you may have to stand to see the fireworks.