Outdoor rides at low temperatures?

At what temperature does universal close outdoor rides ? Worried for our day tomorrow. Appreciate your help

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I think it’s generally below 40 or so for the coasters, but different rides have different closing temps.


Yep here in our neck of the woods outdoor coasters close at 40 degrees at a silver Dollar City. I figured it was an industry standard.


12/24/22 7:00-8:00 EPA
31 degrees

Hagrid’s & Hippogriff are delayed - weather
VC is closed
Kong & Spiderman are open for EPA instead

Hulk listed as delayed - weather
RRR also listed as closed
Transformers is open for EPA

Hogwarts Express also open during EPA


Interestingly enough, we went to the New England Six Flags two years ago on New Years Eve. It was in the single digits. We rode Batman and you couldn’t smile because it was so cold it made your teeth hurt. Went home and tried to go to sleep under my electric blanket but gave up after a half hour and jumped in the shower because my legs hurt they were so cold.


With forecasted highs around mid 40’s this weekend, it will be interesting to see if any outdoor coasters open.


37 degrees at 11am, one coaster is open so far

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41 degrees at 12:20 and Hagrid’s just opened.


Hulk, RRR, and Doctor Doom did not open at all today.

Popeyes was already planned to be closed today and tomorrow. Surprisingly, JP River and Dudleys were running.

Maybe since VC and Hagrid’s are new coasters, they were better designed to withstand colder temperatures.

Today looks very similar to yesterday. Just a reminder while in the parks, you can set a notification from the app for when an attraction reopens. Hagrid’s just did…


Today, Hulk opened when the temp hit 50 degrees.

RRR still closed, but @josephmatt reports that it won’t run under 60. Surprisingly Joe, VelociCoaster operated in the 30’s and Dudley’s & JP River were running over the weekend.

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Oh in a few weeks I am gonna bug you with questions if that’s alright- Silver Dollar City/Branson is in the plans for late spring…

Here’s the last few days of data. This shows the opening time (and temp) of each coaster.

These temps are from the airport, so it is best estimate. You can see the consistency of the temps when each coaster opens. It’s worth noting that Hulk and RRR operated in the 40’s Monday night.

12/24/2022 12/25/2022 12/26/2022 12/27/2022
RRR closed closed 3:40 (54°)-10:00 (46°) 10:15 (55°)
VC 10:40am (37°)-10:00 (38°) 11:05am (37°)-10:00 (43°) 7:30am (38°) no delay
Hagrid’s 12:30 (41°) 1:15 (42°) 8:20am (40°) no delay
Hulk closed closed 12:55 (52°)-10:00 (46°) 9:40 (53°)