Our week - 8/15 - 8/19

I just want to thank Touring Plans for making our trip the best Disney trip we have ever had! I followed the plan pretty much to a “T” except for closed rides, rain, etc. We got to see and do about 95% of what I had on the plan and the times were pretty accurate except for a couple of exceptions! We did ALL of the major rides with no Genie+ or Lightning Lanes! :slight_smile:
8/15 - HS - 11 rides & attractions including Slinky twice, 8/16 - MK (1/10 crowd!) 14 r/a, 8/17 - 12 r/a including Remy twice & Guardians (#2 virtual group!). 8/18 - HS again - 5 main rides. 8/19 - AK - got rained out about 5:00 PM! :frowning: - only did 7 bc of the storm! No Safari or Everest (it was down all day) and no Na’vi River. Bummer to end this way. Ate at delicious Sanaa restaurant though - delictious!
We did rope-drop every day except our one “repeat day” where we just hit the top 5 or so rides we wanted to do again. We had a WONDERFUL time and I am looking forward to our next trip already! If anyone has questions just let me know! Thanks again TP!


Wow that is impressive not using Genie+! What was your longest wait time?

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I would say our longest wait was probably around an hour, maybe just a hair more than that. Avatar and R of R. We were able to time things out pretty well using the Lines app!


And we walked over 50 miles for the week! We were tired but it was well worth it!! And our favorites were definitely Avatar, R of R, Soarin’, and Guardians - by far the 4 best!

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Wow! What a great report! I love reading about experiences in the parks without Genie±thank you!

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I was at AK the day EE was down all day…so disappointing.

Right! We were really looking forward to going on it!