Our USF plan on March 8, and the HE

My wife and I get off our cruise the morning of March 8, and since we likely won’t be able to check into SSR until around 4,
so we plan to drive straight to USF. We have a few things we want to do there, including dinner at Finnegan’s.

We can’t go to USF on the 9th due to the seasonal pass block out date, so we just have this one day. USF closes at 7 pm, and IOA closes at 8. We figure after Finnegan’s, we can hop on the HE and head to IOA for that final hour and try to snatch a ride on Hagrid’s (and if we are really lucky, VC, but doubt that one.)

Anyone have any idea how long the wait for HE would be to get over to IOA at USF park closing? Hate to do the long walk around…but worried the wait for HE might make getting over to ride Hagrid’s would be too long.


Looking at thrilldata, for dates similar to predicted CL on 3/8 (2/8, 2/9), posted wait for HEKCS at 6:45pm and 7:00pm was about 25-30 mins. What that may translate to in actual wait, I don’t know, but the TP app may have some data on that.

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It’s often 30+ minutes near the end of the day. I pulled the TP predicted waits for HE going to IOA for your date…

I don’t love that long walk either. Taking HE will, probably, take as long as walking… I would save your feet some steps!

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I’ve never found the TP app to be terribly accurate at predicting actual wait times for Universal, so I was hoping someone might have experience in this case.

Yeah. Saving steps would be nice! On the other hang, if the actual wait at HE will be like 50 minutes, I don’t want to do that!

Originally, we were planning to rope drop IOA on March 9th just for the sake of riding VC and Hagrid’s…but we decided to forego that and head to MK instead. So, trying to get Hagrid’s in on the 8th is our back-up.

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Riding the HE to IOA on a Friday night makes me nervous. Especially when IOA is open an hour later than USF. I’d definitely walk, it’s about 20 minutes.

I’d still aim for a 5:00-5:30 Finnegan’s time.

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Yeah. We have a Finnegan’s reservation for 5:30.


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