Our last night in the magic, help with dining

Our last night (Oct 12) we start the day in MK and as the MNSSHP crowds stroll in, we are going to EPCOT to spend the evening. The evening in EPCOT will be low-key and more of a tour the world showcase\eat\fireworks night. With that in mind, and having a couple children (10,12), any suggestions for a decent eatery that kids enjoy (nothing fancy) and has a decent chance of getting a table? Kids like Mexican and American food but anything is on the table. Can be QS or TS as far as suggestions. Thanks. (Eight days out and i think i changed every TP at least once today. I need a vacation from this vacation…)

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La Hacienda is fantastic and if you time it well - about 60-90 minutes ahead of showtime - you can view Illuminations from there. Arrive a few mins before ADR time, request a window seat, and tell them you don’t mind waiting.

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I can’t say enough nice things about Garden Grill - it’s family style table service, it rotates and you can see living on the land, the food is delicious, and you get to meet characters. It’s by far my absolute favorite Epcot restaurant.

My one complaint is because it’s indoors it feels like it’s in a shopping mall. But I’ve never had a problem getting a table there.

Depending on how “picky” your kids are, Biergarten is very entertaining with the show (they encourage kids to come out onto the floor and “dance” - which usually means run around like crazy), and there is lots to see in the wonderfully themed restaurant to keep their attention. It’s also a very large buffet, and despite the German names, there are plenty of things like wursts, mac and cheese, bread, and other stuff that they would probably like. From the adult perspective, it’s some of the best food (and beer) in WS. La Hacienda definitely has the best Mexican food, but it’s not an inherently interesting restaurant; San Angel Inn, in the pyramid is much more interesting. But I wouldn’t plan on “walk-ups” at any of these (BG might be your best hope).

I’m no QS expert, but my personal favorites are fish and chips from Yorkshire, anything from Tangerine Cafe (Morocco), and wursts or “mac and cheese” from Sommerfest (Germany). But I’m not sure how the kids would feel about this. Sunshine Seasons is “all- American” and with the variety of options, I’m sure you could find something. But the downside is if you are in WS, it’s a LONG walk back to the Land to eat there…