Our first Visit to Universal Studios, Need guidance in planning

Greetings All,
We are family of four, two daughters 14 and 6, staying on site (Loews Sapphire Falls Resort) and have 4 day 3-park to park passes.
Most possible rides we would be doing together but some my older one would like to do by herself. Could you please help me in making the plan so that I can get most out of my stay there? Both the daughters are HP fans, where should we start? We are will be there during thanks giving weekend and staying for 6 days.

If you are big HP fans, I highly recommend a day dedicated to just HP. Do the rides, the shows, the shops, all of it. Let yourself get lost in the details. There are HP specific plans on this site which take all these things into account. I would do that one day. Next, I would look over the ride descriptions and figure out what interests you. Sadly, it seems a lot of things have been closing lately, so that task gets less and less daunting each time. Once you have determined what you want to do, you can either pick one of the premade plans and optimize it for your dates, or, as I always do, make a custom plan and optimize it. That will generally help you make the most of your time. Keep in mind that water rides can get you VERY wet, so it is wise to do them all back-to-back right before you are able to go back to your room to change clothes. I hope this gives you a good start If you have any specific questions, let us know!

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Okay, right as I was replying, you changed your post. Maybe all that info is now irrelevant! :laughing:

Thank you for valuable info!

I like this comment of your! :slight_smile: Does it get cold there during Thanksgiving? Can we do water rides?

I have never been there during Thanksgiving, but in October, we definitely could go on water rides. I imagine the weather is still water ride appropriate over Thanksgiving.

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