Our First Split Trip! Universal first, Disney NOW!

We leave in 5 days and excitement has achieved new levels.

This will be the family’s first time at Universal, and I just couldn’t go all that way and NOT do Disney, so I told DH we can just tack on a Disney quickie at the end. Essentially me jamming stuff into three days while giving the illusion of a no pressure vacation :grinning:

Last big family trip was celebrating being in remission and being done with chemo. Such a good feeling, and I’d be happy to relive that feeling every August in Disney if I could.

Wanted to start this thread as I have enjoyed looking back on my last one to remember all we did. As it’s our first time with universal, I’m sure we’ll make a bunch of rookie mistakes.

The people who I plan all this for:

The guy who can’t handle spinning rides, so I put him
on the creepy spinning rides anyway:


Three Disney park days, an outfit per park.

I may be “slightly” enthusiastic about our breakfast plans…DD will bound as Snow White, DS as Prince Charming, DH as someone who will suffer in silence, and me…


You’ll have a blast! If you have any Universal questions there are a handful of us that go often. There’s at least one of us around most of the time!


Your outfits are so cute!! I’ve never bounded, may have to give a try one of these days




Looking forward to following along. We will be there at the same time but Disney first for us then Universal.



I hope you have an amazing trip!!


Woohoo! Thanks for the TR and can’t wait to hear all about it.

@darkmite2 , @LKriz was asking questions about Volcano Bay over on Chat so hopefully got some good advice! :wink:


I did!! I’d like to try entering through the cabana bay resort entrance, but worried about that putting us behind: bus to city walk then bus to cabana, vs bus straight to the water park? Is it really quicker? Coming from royal pacific.

The one question I couldn’t find an answer to: during early entry, do those headliner water slides still do virtual que, or are they pretty reliably in “ride now” status during early entry?


The slides that are open during EPA will be ride now


I would definitely do the 15 minute Garden Walk path to Cabana Bay. You may even be able to beat the buses that way, if you want to be that early.


You are in an awkward spot to arrive! RPR is just far enough away that walking isn’t convenient.

If you are going to go to CityWalk to catch the VB main entrance bus then I would just go to CBBR either by walking or through the CityWalk bus terminal. You don’t have to enter the security area at all.

That bus will not be busy at all. Everyone is coming to CityWalk at that time of day from CBBR. Whereas, you’ll have a herd at the bus to VB. I have done this and been the only person on that busback to CBBR. Then the private entrance rarely has more than a dozen people versus hundreds at the main gate.


What’s your recommended approach to get to that private entrance from royal pacific? (Sorry I think I got mentally lost trying to figure that out). Makes sense that city walk will be busy with people, but is there any alternative? Or just take the bus from royal pacific to volcano bay, which still takes us to main entrance?

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I’ve never done the walk from there. If you feel like doing it then it maybe the “fastest” path.

Personally, if I see a bus waiting to go to CityWalk then I woukd take it!

You don’t have to even leave the bus terminal or go into security. You hop off that bus & onto one going to CBBR. Then you are right at a private gate with shade. (The main entrance is an uncovered sun spot!! I hate it)

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Let me add that when I’ve done that bus route it has only taken 15 -20 minutes. I save my legs for all those stairs! It’s 200 steps to the top of the Volcano! And that’s just 3 of the slides. The place should be called Stair Island! :rofl:


Thank you! I think once we’ve checked in on arrival day, we can test this out by going to city walk then taking the bus to CBBR just to get lay of the land. And maybe check out their pool (we just have to visit front desk to pool hop?)


Congratulations!!! :partying_face:


Yeah… the pool gates are locked via hotel key. You’ll need a pool pass key

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It’s too bad TP doesn’t have any plans for VB. I get not being able to estimate ride items, but being able to map out rides, visualize the order and see walking times between attractions would be so helpful. Screen shots with circles isn’t feeling as satisfying.

These two areas have high potential for finding a free
covered area?

Reasoning for obsessing over the waterpark day: last year I was very unprepared for typhoon lagoon, kept getting lost and couldn’t figure out what to ride. Not going to wing it for this one!


I love it and the characters make such a fuss over it!